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Earthquake Madness!
Author: MJK Submitted: 25th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 185

Edited By MJK on 6/25/2006

First couple of notes:
1) This game may not suit to the most sensitive players. It has a theme of natural disasters and it contains pixel blood and pixel death. (pixel blood can be turned off)
2) This game is a lot about luck. People who like games based purely on skill may not enjoy this one.
3) You need the Vitalize! plugin to play this game in your browser (IE, Firefox).

EARTHQUAKE MADNESS! is somewhat unsual game in its concept. Your goal is to produce a major earthquake and chain of earthquakes that will throw all the hotel guests out of their windows. But then, you must save all the poor victims from dieing. The final score is the number of saved people. How do you do this? With just one mouse click + luck + capability to analyze the environment to make sure your timing for launcing the earthquake is optimal.

Luck is needed when predicting the possible epicenter for the earthquake and creating a long chain of post-quakes. On the other hand, you need to pay close attention to several variables of the environment. These are:

- earthquake duration (if launched now)
- potential epicenter area size
- parachutes availability (people need these to be rescued)
- hotel's floor number
- hotel's popularity (determines how fast the rooms are occupied)
- average guest-group size (how dense are the rooms occupied)
- wind (if strong, people will float out of the screen with their parachutes and sadly die)

You have 30 seconds time to find the best balance (compromise) between these conditions and launch the earthquake. Then you just sit back and see how the situation develops.

Other features include:
- obviously a hi-score list
- full in depth instructions with NAQ-page
- individual hotel guests with personal information (click with the left button)

It's very simple, but hopefully addictive too. You'll get it when you try it couple of times.

The game runs directly in your browser. I'll probably put a stand-alone version available later at, too.

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Posted by MJK 25th June, 2006

There's one graphics bug: some of the people my get stuck on the screen and then disappaer shortly. I guess this is MMF's fault and can't be helped..if you spot other bugs, let me know..!
Posted by MJK 28th June, 2006

If you have any problems to figure out what exactly determines the earthquake power and the frequency of aftershocks etc etc, take a look at "how to play"-->"more".
Posted by vortex2 28th June, 2006

lol nice little game, but quite hard .
Posted by MJK 28th June, 2006

Thanks. Yes, it may take some time to learn how the game functions..and the hi-scores may seem quite unreachable at first..
Posted by thewreck 28th June, 2006

local games: 439!

great =
Posted by AfterStar 8th July, 2006

nice little game,quite hard to get above 1000points though.
Posted by MJK 8th July, 2006

Thanks for your nice words, gentlemen.

AfterStarX, couple of tips: try to make sure that the possible epicenter area is "small" when you launch the earthquake (in the middle, usually). Also check that average guest group size is over 3 (more -> better). Hotel popularity is also important, and parachutes should be at least somewhat easily available (>50) when you launch it. Those may be the most important ones to check, but it depends also on how high your hotel building is...wind becomes a factor if it's very high.

Then, if you hit it well (over 8 in Richter-scale) you have very good chances to produce a huge number of post-quakes and reach a score of above 1000 saved guests. But ultimately: it's much about luck, too.
Posted by AfterStar 8th July, 2006

Yeah,its all about patience and luck,waiting to grab the moment where most of the "statistics" are at its best.
Posted by MJK 27th February, 2009

New version is available here:





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