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Roll The Piggies
Author: MJK Submitted: 19th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 151

I'm sure everyone knows the game Pass The Pigs. It's a simple dice game where you roll not dice but..pigs! Players get points based on the landing positions of the pigs. For example, if one of your pigs is landing on its back, you'll get 5 points. Players can continue rolling and collecting points as long as they want, until they stop their turn or get Pig Out, which resets the round score.

Roll The Piggies is a little single player variation of the game where you compete only against yourself and against other players in the online highscore lists. It's 99 % about luck, so don't lose your nerves with it.

There are two game modes: 20 rounds and 500 points. In 20 rounds, you must score as much as you can within 20 rounds. In 500 points, you must reach a score of 500 as fast as possible. It's just about pressing one button, easy to play.

The current highscores:

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Posted by MJK 19th July, 2007

Hmm.. there seems to be some minor problems at the server, should be fine again anytime soon.
Posted by Tim 19th July, 2007

Rather too simple .......... but memorable teehee
Posted by Hempuli 19th July, 2007

Posted by Hempuli 19th July, 2007

You keep creating the weird but funny games
Posted by Peblo 19th July, 2007

What about the one where the pigs landed on each other? Piggyback I think...
Posted by MJK 19th July, 2007

Hey Hemp, what's weird in rolling some pigs?

Peblo, I left Piggypack/Oinker out, because I think it can be a little too frustrating here to lose everything at once...
Posted by Milo 22nd July, 2007

I liked this game in real life.
Oinker = No points
Piggyback = Game over
Posted by Milo 22nd July, 2007

Ewww... My first game (20 rounds) was all pig outs
Posted by MJK 23rd July, 2007

You had very bad luck then..
Posted by setš tuomo 26th July, 2007

sound like a fun little game!






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