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Bazooka Master
Author: MJK Submitted: 11th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 232

Edited By MJK on 12/06/2006

Bazooka Master is a small vitalized game of accuracy shooting. The one and only goal of the game is to hit as close to the target as possible with all the 20 shots available. The game generates tasks of different difficulty level: some of the targets are very easy to hit while others requier a lot more skill to reach.

Originally this was included as a mini-game in "The Dude War", but this vitalized version offers an enhanced version of the game with improved scoring system, graphics and couple of other changes.

A perfect shot is worth of 1000 basic points. Every missed pixel costs 5 points. Thus, only the shots inside 199 pixels from the target will give additional points. Shots outside 200 pixels result in negative score.

Bonus points are given from the shots of low power (< 75 %). It's generally easier to shoot with maximum speed and adjust only the angle, so being able to hit the target with lower power is rewarded with a skill-multiplier of 1.01 - 2.00. This means that the best possible final score in the game is practically 1000 * 20 * 1.5 = 30,000 points.

The game runs directly in your browser (requiers the Vitalize! plugin).

There's a top-50 online scoreboard for the best players. Let's see who manages to do 15k first..yes, this is a challenge for you!

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Posted by Mruqe 12th June, 2006

Nice job. As far as vitalized mini-games go, this is one of the better I seen. (Not that ia saw many... ).

Reviewed & recommended
Posted by MJK 13th June, 2006

Thanks for the review & nice feedback, glad you liked it. Pretty good score too, it seems, 16 891 pts!
Posted by Teapot 13th June, 2006

Really nice game, very addictive.
Posted by Silveraura 15th June, 2006

Got 10117, think I did pretty well for my first try. Nice game
Posted by Greasy 17th June, 2006

Its all right.
Posted by Greasy 17th June, 2006

wooooooooo 39th place.
Posted by Tomssuli 18th June, 2006

Quite a fun
Posted by MJK 18th June, 2006

Thank you all
Posted by Kamukoira 18th June, 2006

Sounds cool but link won't work!
Posted by MJK 18th June, 2006

It should work if the Vitalize! -plugin is installed. But if still doesn't, you can try another link at
Posted by Greasy 18th June, 2006

Woooooo, 22nd place.
Posted by MJK 18th June, 2006

That's really good, Greasy..almost 18 000 points. Couple of days more practise and you'll make that 20 000..
Posted by DaVince 24th June, 2006

What a fun game.

*Plays again*
Posted by Philip Dyer 25th June, 2006

Fantasitc game. great fun. Amazing. Just been playing it for AN HOUR.

BTW I'm GpX.SharpS from

One problem- I typed GpX.SharpS Roxxors and it came out with Roxxors getting second place? Perhaps the name was too long. Sorry for spamming it up and making it impossible for newbies to get a score. I'll be back
Posted by MJK 25th June, 2006

Wow, it seems we have a new Bazooka Master! 23438 is quite an amazing result, Philip. Keep it going.

Once again thanks for all the nice feedback, everyone.
Posted by Philip Dyer 26th June, 2006

FTW and yes I will keep going!

It's a fantastic game which is so competitive (And easy). I have played it for over an hour, and if you consider how long it takes to make a game, if people are playing it for longer than you're making it, you're onto a winner. Well done.






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