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Green Ball Gambling
Author: MJK Submitted: 7th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 226

Edited By MJK on 1/21/2009

Ok, couple of things first:

1) This game is weird. You just have to sit, watch, wait and then click few times. There isn't much action, just bumps basically.

2) This game is lot about luck, like gambling usually is.

What you must do is to observe the five green balls floating around the screen and predict their future movement lines and collisions. Each of them has a lifetime which is reseted every time they collide with each other. The game generates 15 gambles based on these lifetimes and your target is to invest money on them and - of course - win! At the start you have 2000 euros, but in the end you can be even a million richer! Some gambles are quite obvious and have low multipliers, but others are much more risky with high multipliers.

A game can't be easier to play than this. BUT: to be able to truly master it, player must analyze all kind of information about the environment, like estimated bump times, risk zones, immortality area forecasts and all sorts of crazy stuff like that.

There is an online highscoreboard of course and then a special Club Million for all the freaks who can win over 1.000.000 euros in the game. Good luck with that!

EDIT/Update Jan 21/2009: New version 2.09 available, fixes online highscore board and adjust a couple of smaller things

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Posted by Guru Rinpoche 7th May, 2007

This game makes my brain hurt. Interesting concept, though.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 7th May, 2007

Actually, it rocks my socks off.
Posted by falkon 7th May, 2007

this has been on the v-cade 4 a while just fyi
Posted by Hempuli 8th May, 2007

This late?!
Posted by MJK 8th May, 2007

Yes, this v2 is a brand new version. First events of the game were actually made already in 2001, so those are quite old already But as a game, this is a whole new package now.
Posted by MJK 9th May, 2007

We have already three players in Club Million. Check their results here:
Posted by renneF 12th May, 2007

This game makes me swear at the computer.
Posted by Simon Colmer 12th May, 2007

damm it MJK, you do make many games!
OMG i love this game, your games just get better and better! Had me swearing, lol!
Posted by MJK 12th May, 2007

Posted by Zethell 12th May, 2007

cool game (thumbs up)
Posted by Plooscva 13th May, 2007

I like it. Very original too, but maybe not expanded enough. Three types of bets is a bit little but still great fun!
Posted by Liquixcat 14th May, 2007

I gave it a thumbs up for innovation. Overall it needs more work, it's still too far away for me to say "complete".
Posted by Sir_Nokkis 17th May, 2007

Woah, made it to the top of the High Score List. Forgot to take a shot to Club Million, though
Posted by MJK 17th May, 2007

Good job Nokkis. You can found the screenshot in the game directory as screenshot2.bmp. The game takes it automatically everytime a new local rec is made.
Posted by MJK 21st January, 2009

Oh well, an update after 1.5 years... New version 2.09 fixes the online highscore board.





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