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Shoot It Sharp
Author: MJK Submitted: 27th August, 2007 Favourites:0
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Edited By MJK on 8/29/2007

Edited By MJK on 8/28/2007

Well, this is yet another "easy to play but hard to master" minigame with online highscores that I made for fun in three days.

It's really easy to play: you just need to press one button and shoot a ball in the air towards the given target height. The closer you reach, more points you get. If you exceed the target height, you'll get a negative score. Simple.

BUT. It's still very challenging and the game has a relatively steep learning curve despite its simplicity. This is because the conditions (like maximum shooting power, target height and ball weight) change for every round, so it's quite difficult to estimate the optimal shooting power. That's why it's only normal to get a negative score at the first time, but with practice, the player can gain even tens of thousands of points together from all the 20 rounds that must be completed (takes about 10 minutes in total). The maximum possible round score is 20.000 points.

There are two highscore boards: one for single round scores and another for total scores of 20 rounds. You can also get an in-detail description of each player's results by clicking on them in the highscores-screen.

So, let's see who can conquer the 1st places!

EDIT. The best round scores during the first day were:


EDIT2: updated to v1.01 (fixes a little glitch in scoring)

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Posted by MJK 27th August, 2007

Oh, one good reason to download: there is tits in the game! See: Shoo[t it s]harp. So..enjoy.
Posted by Hempuli 28th August, 2007

Posted by Simon Colmer 28th August, 2007

Way to hard for me this one!
Posted by Toasty 29th August, 2007

I got 2 meters under the line and got 0 points for it? Why? I should have got 1000's for being that close? Is that a bug, I didn't go over the line.

I took this pic when the ball was coming back down.
Posted by MJK 29th August, 2007

Yes, that looks a bit weird. You should've got probably full 10.000 points from that shot. It may be some bug, I'll investigate it.


Yep, there was a little rounding-related glitch in the scoring system, so if you managed to reach 99.5-99.9 % of the target height, it gave only zero points instead of correct score of 9800-10000. This is now fixed to the v1.01 (same download link).





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