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Armageddon V
Author: MJK Submitted: 13th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 199

Edited By MJK on 7/13/2006

This simple game is basically a mixture of space shooter, bat & ball and reaction games, with a bit of strategic content in it.

In Armageddon V your objective is to defend the Earth in the middle of a meteor storm. You're in control of the Defense Unit which can bounce the meteors back to space or destroy them. At first, the DU is really slow, small and without any additional features, but with the points you've got you're able to upgrade the DU with various types of additions. These include e.g.
-> more speed / faster accelration
-> larger surface area / size
-> weapons of different fire power
-> early warning system
-> 180 degree flip

Without any upgrades it's impossible to reach the higher levels (>6). On the other hand, the points you've used affect your final score negatively, so it's hardly useful to buy everything. With a lot of skill, clever use of upgrades and perhaps a bit of luck as well it's possible to reach level numbers 12-15.

The levels vary in many aspects; distance to Earth, meteor speed and density. This means that certain features, like fire power or the early warning system, are more useful in some levels than in others. Anyway, the levels are continously getting harder. The game will always end in Armageddon, as soon as the world population has fell under 1 million inhabitants, or alternatively when the Defense Unit has been destroyed by meteor hits (remember to repair your unit!).

The game contains also an alternative game mode called the Intense Mode which offers more straight-forward action (0-2 minutes).

LEFT/RIGHT - move the defense unit
SPACE/SHIFT - shoot (if weapon available)
CTRL - make a 180 degrees flip (if enabled)
"-" - display the current ammo level (if weapon available)
P - pause the game
ENTER - continue from the level-info screens

Note: I'm not sure how the game will run on some older machines, so beware of some possible slowdowns, especially when many meteors hit the screen at the same time.

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  (2.4 mkb )

Posted by MJK 14th July, 2006

Small update to the game: two bugs got fixed and the sound quality improved a bit.
Posted by DaVince 14th July, 2006

Screens look awesome! Downloading.
Posted by Broomie 14th July, 2006

At 2.4mkb I'm stupid not to download it.

Like the SW effect with the text. Died on level 6, they were two fast.

Still, I liked it.
Posted by DaVince 14th July, 2006

Great game. Nice job!

Broomie, the mkb thing is a TDC bug. I've had it before too.

Wow, I'm in the online score board while I only played briefly...
Posted by MJK 14th July, 2006

Thanks, guys.

Yep, level 6 can be difficult. You're better off with it if you have resized the unit for few times, upgraded the speed to 6+ and have a weapon with lots of ammo. Also the early warning system may help.
Posted by 14th July, 2006

Looks very intresting.
Posted by Airflow 15th July, 2006

Purdy graphics!
Posted by MJK 15th July, 2006

Hmm..that word is totally unfamiliar to me ..purdy..what does it mean?
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 15th July, 2006

purdy means pretty (purdy isnt a word)
Posted by MJK 15th July, 2006

Ok, so now I know. Thanks..

Remember to vote if you liked the game..!
Posted by Airflow 16th July, 2006

It's certainly impressive. I just can't run the game on this machine I'm using. So a vote for or against this game would be a lie.
Posted by MJK 16th July, 2006

Skinny, what kind of machine you have then? Is it slow all the time or just with multiple meteors on the screen at the same time?
Posted by ben mercer 17th July, 2006

Those look like my fire sprites

Are they? I can't quite tell. Don't worry cus I don't mind people using them.
Posted by MJK 17th July, 2006

The fire sprites are from stuckboy's fire effect example where he said they are free to use by anyone.. so, is it you? If yes, then thanks, as those sprites rock. I've also given the credit in "About"-section in the game.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 18th July, 2006

Very nice, I got 4th yay!
Posted by Airflow 19th July, 2006

Lol, I didn't do that. Also, my CPU is 550mhz. So it's just slow 24/7. X)
Posted by Nova Soft 26th July, 2006

Great game, nice idea... I'm top of the score boards
Posted by MJK 30th July, 2006

Hmm..didn't see your name up there
Posted by Simon Colmer 19th April, 2007

i didnt know you had to repair, and just about to complete level 6

Are you suppost to have to buy things like 180 flip and early alert system every level? As it kept stopping for me!





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