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Mate 'Em!
Author: MJK Submitted: 7th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 163

Edited By MJK on 7/7/2010

Just continuing on my never-ending quest for porting my mini-game catalog to flash...

This is a re-make of my first ever TDC game, Copulation (woohoo!). In a nutshell, your objective is to sustain life by mating males (blue balls) and females (red balls). You do this by placing "isolation circles" on the screen. Blue and red balls will reproduce inside isolation circles. Beware of the black death though, and eliminate it immediately before it starts to spread - otherwise it might already be too late to save the population.

In the beginning, you use the isolation circles to create new life. When the time goes on, you will need them more and more to prevent disease - it will become a survival fight. In the end, death is inevitable, but the question is: how long can you last?

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Posted by OMC 7th July, 2010
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In the end I just gave up. Once I placed a circle and it disappeared, and I couldn't replace it. Some of the balls liked to escape the circles too.

Posted by MJK 7th July, 2010

You have 3 circles to use simultaneously (4 later if you survive long enough). The escaping circles are due to MMF2 flash collision detection which doesn't work very well with high object counts, unfortunately.
Posted by TheTuna 7th July, 2010

I found myself laughing out-loud as i played this game! I was yelling "Man, this game is fun!" as I laughed!
Posted by MJK 7th July, 2010

Haha, great!
Posted by Sketchy 8th July, 2010

I like it
I studied Ecology at university and this reminds me a bit of one of the games we played (I forget the exact details, but it was supposed to demonstrate the long-term effect of various harvesting regimes on a population).
You could probably modify this quite easily to be a bit educational in some way.
Posted by Otter 8th July, 2010
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Very fun! I enjoyed it a lot! Is this how rolling rascals are born ???

I like how it proves that males truly due proves that males are essential to mankinds survival Even if the other half of the species doesn't seem to think we are
Posted by OMC 8th July, 2010
Rated :

I know I was limited to 3. I could only have 2! It didn't fade, it disappeared quickly. I think it was near the edge of the play field.
Posted by MJK 8th July, 2010

I see.. weird. Oh well, hopefully it doesn't do that too often.

Thanks for the comments, guys.
Posted by Neuro 9th July, 2010
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I love how the concept gives such simple objects a little personality. I managed to get a blue isolated with quite a large number of only reds, about 5 of them. I couldn't help but think daaaang... that's one lucky ball (or unlucky... all those baby mamas). Oh, and I couldn't help but chuckle when isolating a couple of blues.

This game also proves that name is everything. I check out TDC every day and never check out any of the new downloads, but this one's name caught my eye. The fact that it's Flash helped a lot too, since I can't say I would've downloaded it, even after being intrigued by the name.

For what it is, it's really good. The concept of mating made it much more engaging than most other mini-games. Maybe I think about stuff like that too much though. Game concepts, not the mating...

OK also mating.

...Good job!
Posted by MJK 9th July, 2010

Posted by MBK 10th July, 2010
Rated :

It's not fair that the black dots can appear inside your mating circles. ... How does that happen if only the non-diseased are mating? ...

But other than that, it's a fun and addicting game.

Posted by MJK 10th July, 2010

Yes, that's because disease usually strikes when there is a lot of population inside small room. So whenever there is interaction, there is a chance for disease as well, and inside isolation circle there is obviously a lot of interaction going on. You can overcome this problem by always having two very active mating zones in place. If the first one will be conquered by black death, you'll still have the other one going. And the third or fourth circle should be mostly kept available for fast elimination of disease.
Posted by OMC 10th July, 2010
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Forgot to rate. Fun, simple little game!
Posted by Silveraura 13th July, 2010

The black are the ones who decide to be gay and go around convincing everyone else that it's okay.

It is okay, but it is extremely frustrating in the dating world when every girl you talk to is either dating someone or gay.
Posted by MJK 13th July, 2010

Interesting theory.

Maybe I'll use that in "Mate 'Em! - The Gay Edition"
Posted by Marko 25th July, 2010
Rated :

Really good concept and great gameplay, very enjoyable indeed!

Make a sequel!!





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