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Sonic the hedgehog engine (MMF2)
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 31st December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 3074

Edited By AndyUK [Ectoprods] on 1/1/2007

This is a 360 degree Sonic the hedgehog engine based on an Engine made by Damizean from SFGHQ with additional stuff added by me (Which took a long time)
And using Sonic 2 sprites ripped by LOst.

I actually cobbled together some things which admittedly are a little buggy anyway (if you move too fast into a spike side on you'll be hit by it...)

but it's a nice starter for you to work with

(This used no extensions so is perhaps entirely possible to convert to MMF1.5)

(runs at 60 frames per second)

What the engine supports so far

Basic Sonic engine (Damizean)

.Running around 360 degrees

Additinal things by AndyUK (me)

.Falling platform
.landing on a platform from an angle different to 0
.Springs (small bug with side on springs)
.limited running speed when not running downhill
.variable animation speeds depending on speed of movement
.collecting/losing rings
.dying if you have no rings
.item boxes (rings only)
.enemy collisions (but it don't move yet)

(it sounds like ive done more, but once you have the basic engine, adding things is easy, if a little time consuming)

So there you have it. Now there is no excuse to not made a half decent sonic the hedgehog fangame.

I was planning to make my own fangame and keep this secret, but i do quit projects too easily so i'll give someone else a change to work on one

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Posted by AndyUK 31st December, 2006

i might update this if/when i work on it some more.
Posted by Pariah Leviticus 1st January, 2007

Nice, dude. Thanks for this. Nice engine.
Posted by Hempuli 1st January, 2007

So many engines :I
Posted by Tim 1st January, 2007

Posted by AndyUK 1st January, 2007

Posted by ThePodunkian 1st January, 2007

andyuk - hahaha, this is actually pretty good. i'm glad you've finally figured out fastloops, because a lot of your older engines suffered from "sink through the ground" syndrome.
Posted by Silveraura 2nd January, 2007

Not bad, doesn't feel exactly like Sonic, but not bad. Sure it could be tweaked to perfection, good job.
Posted by AndyUK 2nd January, 2007

@ Podunkain... I didn't make the main engine. I just added things to it. (meaning i didn't do the fastloop parts.)

@ BrandonC. Yeah, it took some tweaking to get it to work like this. I think it feels Soniclike enough to not tweak anymore. Seriously it's close enough.

The only thing i'm not happy with actually is the fixed jump height, It's probably really easy to make it variable.
Posted by Silveraura 3rd January, 2007

The thing that keeps it from feeling like a Sonic engine to me is, it feels to slow, and it feels to slick and to much sliding I guess. Kind of sluggish for a Sonic engine, and I'm referring more to comparison to Sonic The Hedgehog 3: And Knuckles.
Posted by Tim 3rd January, 2007

Yeah Brandon has some good points there.. this engine is rather like a wetter version of Sonic 1 (Mega Drive) with the spindash :\ Sonic and Knuckles sums up how Sonic should be really - and yeah variable jump heights would be cool - or making the jump stronger when the user holds jump, rather than taps.

Having said that it's still a good and useful engine nontheless.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd January, 2007

I think you will find this is pretty much spot on.

Go on, play the games.

Also i fixed the 'walking into to the left side of the spikes' bug.
Posted by Tim 4th January, 2007

Did you change the hotspot or something?
Posted by AndyUK 4th January, 2007

Posted by Ben 6th January, 2007

Good work, although it would be nice to see one of these engines materialize into a full blown game
Posted by AndyUK 6th January, 2007

I'm working on one. So are a lot of people in the Sonic fangame community.
Posted by Bibin 6th January, 2007

Fantastic engine; I've seen the original. Sonic's acceleration rate could go up, along with his top-speed. The spindash could also use some more speed.

Other than that, this engine is very good. like, VERY VERY good.
Posted by Iv4n 7th January, 2007

Where's the sonic fangame community?
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 7th January, 2007

I disagree; it's not fantastic. It's quite buggy and it's too slow...
Posted by AndyUK 7th January, 2007

yeah, the spindash should really be better,
yes it's slightly buggy.

But slow? do you mean sonic's running speed or actual slowdown?
Posted by Bibin 8th January, 2007

I think he means the speed.
Posted by AndyUK 8th January, 2007

oh, well it's editable.

But ive compared the speeds side by side with sonic 2 playing on my gamecube (sonic mega collection)

This is faster by miles.
Posted by DaVince 12th January, 2007

Posted by Airflow 16th January, 2007

I notice the ramps aren't quite circle. Is that the way you coded it? In sonicDIY the ramps are circular. I dunno how he did it, but if you could find out how, I'd recommend it!
Posted by AndyUK 19th January, 2007

they don't really have to be,
i could make them actual circles, but that would depend on the level design when a game is made with it.
Posted by Demonkorichu 23rd February, 2009

Link's Dead
Posted by Dr James 2 16th December, 2015

It doesnt download
Posted by AndyUK 31st December, 2015

The Ectoprods server died years ago.
Posted by Maks 24th March, 2016

please get new link :3
Posted by AndyUK 1st April, 2016

I'm sorry, This is so old i don't have the file anymore.
There are better ones available at Sonic Fangame Headquarters (if it still exists)






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