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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 28/07/2003


In my opinion, this game is very lifeless, it's exceedingly generic storyline coupled with it's lack of style make it not too appealing, the graphics remind me of the old SNES/NES days, but I'll get to that later...


Although not the highest quality midis, they are reminiscent of the good old NES/SNES days, and help with the overall feel. Some of the music choices weren't too good though.


Ah, this is this game's best friend and worst enemy...

The graphics are like last generation Nintendo graphics at some points and like first generation Super Nintendo graphics at others. But they are obviously ripped, which is disappointing.

Klikers ripping graphics is nothing new, but when it is done well it upsets the rest of the game makers because people drool over them because of the graphics.

But these rippers have a huge advantage over the average kliker because they have fully usable libraries of professional graphics ready for use, when normally graphics take up to half of the entire game-making process itself, sometimes even longer.

More on that later...


I've seen this too many times, when people put gameplay second, the game fails. This gameplay isn't terrible, it's just very simple and uninspired. Some more moves/abilities and weapons would have helped.

The AI isn't bad though, nothing spectacular compared to professional games, but it's not fair to compare to those.


The game is of decent length and the two views may make the game interesting enough for extended play.

OVERALL - 6/10

If the graphics would have been painted over, or upgraded to more colors instead of left in it's original state, I would have been less upset with this game.

It's a well-polished, simple, skeleton of a game with ripped graphics. If the creator would have added more to it, and made (or had somebody make) the graphics for it I would have given it a 7-9.

Keep it up though, just remember, don't rip graphics, you'll never get better unless you try.

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