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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Cuthalion
Added: 04/07/2004

After simply visiting TDC to download neat games for about a year now, I finally decided to wake up and take part in conversation by reviewing what to my opinion is the best Klik game I've ever played, the Lost Valley. I would have propably reviewed it a lot earlier but my computer got struck down by a virus and my save file was lost. Well, now I have downloaded it again and I'm on my way to finishing it finally.

Lost Valley is by far such a well made piece of gaming fun that it could very well be mistaken for a commercial product. The game is forged together from original and borrowed elements and the result is just amazing. LV has gotten some negative feedback about its ripped graphics but it's not really so bad. The main thing is that all the graphics fit together and nothing really jumps out.

Still, LV has some minor flaws but nothing that would really ruin the gaming experience. I could find some small bugs, once after entering a cave to save I found myself some 10 screens away..

The only real down-side to my opinion is the weird difficulty level. If you get stuck in a dungeon, you can simply (well, not so simply after all) lvl up and you'll be a god for a while as no enemy can do more than 1 or 5 damage to you.. Well, I guess this happens in just about every RPG..

Let me tell you, this game is HUGE. If LV wasn't a freeware, it would surely be worth its price. Hell, some games I've bought haven't lasted as long as LV has.

Damn, Lost Valley is just a great game which everybody should download and play. A very special thank you MIG2 for making and uploading it!

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