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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Evil Monkey
Added: 03/08/2003

Thought you should no longer download games with ripped graphics? You were wrong. Let me introduce a great game:

Lost Valley!

The presentation is nice, just like any professional game. The only thing I didn't like is that the author used a not-so-original logo at the start: Konamig. It's a Konami Logo with a G at the end. What the heck? Yeah, pretty strange. But, enough with that. On to the game.

The gameplay was pretty good. I did see that many built-in movements were used, but it doesn't stop this game from being good. The Experience System is pretty good. I know that sometimes the amount you have to get until you have a level-up is kind of high, but it's actually pretty fair judgement. I know lots of people were getting stuck, along with me, but many people are here to help, so that is good.

The graphics are ripped, but they seem to fit in fine. I haven't noticed too many ripped graphics, but I'll take everyone's word for it. I just wish that the game was designed in 16-bit color rather than 256 color, because I noticed a few people having trouble with the display.

The Sounds and Music fit in like an interlocking puzzle piece. The music is very nice, and always fits the occasion. The sound is also pretty nice.

Now, lastability. This game is huge! In fact, so huge that there are a few bugs. That's alright, for aside from the bugs, this will take you a minimum of 12 hours to beat on your first try.

Final Conclusion:

This game is vast, and will have you play for a while. If you are bored, go on! Give it a try; it can't hurt!


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