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Review: Lost Valley
Author: awesomeanimator
Added: 16/07/2004

wow. this game is really good. i must admit at first it's hard not to try and kick mig in the balls for using ripped graphics, but after about 2 hours into the game, you really forget about all of that, and it shows it's true self: the most addictive click game ever. even through ripped graphics, i still think this could almost be even to eternal daughter, but ed will always be number one. but this gem of a game isn't far behind at all, for the difficulty is much easier to get used to. hmm...1000 characters remaining...i guess i'll have to go into details.
mostly ripped (you can tell what gfx mig did because, well, he's not that great a shader), but they blend nicely and none stick out. the dungeons, though, have very blocky platforms and thrown a thrown together feeling, and usually just look like crap thumbs up on overworld, thumbs down on dungeons. 8/10
very nice titanite was griping for a while about how there wasn't an inventory, but i can see why, because everyone said there was when there wasnt. oh well. anyways, the lost adventury feel is really nice, even though some people hated it because it was too hard and they needed a walkthrough-you want a hard adventure game, go look at the lucasarts old point and click games. i dont think you can beat one without a walkthrough. finding items and getting items and killing monsters and buying stuff and, well, that about sums it up. 10/10
sound fx and music:
nice. thats about all i can say. 7/10

so, overall, this is a great game and if you don't play it, well, then i'll get mig to kick YOU in the balls. sorry i put all the responsibility on you mig but hey, these are new shoes i gots here. now im gonna go beat this game before blackstorm does

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