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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Maddie
Added: 03/08/2003

This game is very nice but way to simple in my opinion. You jump around with your sword and slash bad guys. This gets old. TRUST ME! Alot of hard work was put into this game you can tell but it doesn't play because it gets old quickly in my opinion.


The presentation is really great and stands out! It was very professionally made and hard to tell it was made on Multimedia Fusion!! A+ here!


Gameplay lacks because it keeps repeating! GET'S OLD! Slashing bad guys are crappy if you do it through the whole game. It is okay if you never played castlevania bceause its all the same in here.


Graphics are great and nice. Cant tell where he ripped it from but it is great and fits with the game quite well! Where did he get these GFX? Great choice. A+ here.


Sound is great and fits awesome with the game. Good quality effects and plays good. B+ here.


Music is awful and like 8 bit(ish). Sounds like a broken accordion after awhile because its all the same repeating most of the time!! C+ here.


Lastability, I would recommend this game to people. It is quite interesting but does not compare to Eternal Daughter which has a much better graphic style and storyline. B+ here!!!!

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