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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Philip Lochner
Added: 30/01/2004

Lost Valley is a semi-arcadish adventure game with limited RPG elements. Other than being immediately engaging and fun from the outset, it is also very long, keeping an enthusiastic gamer occupied for 25+ hours. (Which is no mean feat for a freeware game, it beats a lot of commercial games that I've played.) However, despite these golden points, it has many painful aspects that always make me cringe when I play this game.

When I first played this game, I was disappointed with the resolution, but as this had nothing to do with the programmer's skills I looked past this and marveled at the lovely backgrounds that were realistic and detailed, complemented by a decent character model. Of course, the enemies weren't exactly eye candy, but I was happy. When I found out the graphics were ripped, I found myself grimacing at every turn. While there's nothing wrong with ripping graphics, it makes me wonder how people who design their own graphics at the same standard (or better) get the same recognition even at a cost to their game production time. But then again, the composition of the graphics was magnificent, often ripped graphics never fit in with each other and give the game a "hotch-potch" feel. Kudos on that one.

The sound... the music was out of place, the sound effects were nothing but ordinary and well... that's it. Whenever I hear the music I feel as if my brain is bleeding from the intense anger and irritation that it causes me. I don't play the game with my speakers on.

Apart from those flaws, the game was moderately enjoyable, and although hurt by a lack of perfection, it still succeeded in keeping me interested for some time.

Simply put, Lost Valley is a bit of fun, a bit of irritation, a lot of ordinary. While entertaining the player for a long time, the enjoyment isn't concentrated... it passes time, but it won't thrill you to pieces.

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