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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Xenomorph
Added: 07/06/2004

Hmm. okay, I was too impatient to play this game all the way to the ending before reviewing it. So what? it's my view, dammit!

So anyway here's the close up:

Good graphics. I know their ripped, they are still well set up. you won't catch any lumpy backgrounds set against nice sprites. Everything blends together nicely, and there is no akward looking graphics.

Simple controls. Bit clumsy in the action sequence, otherwise perfect. When you crouch in action and then try to walk while keeping the crouch button down your guy gets stuck until you release the button. you get used to it though.

Nice musics. Not enough sound though. All the musics are well chosen for the environments. Except for that one piece east of the dark forest.

Well, looking at the size of the game area, I believe it's gonna take a long time to finish this ;P
I suspect at least 20 hours, since there really is a vast amount of items and equipment to collect. you'll spend some time searching for those too. equipment (shields, swords, etc.) are bought, special items obtained by adventuring. There's also a set of super fighting skills, which help you against enemies and let you advance in your quest.

I also like the concept of a side-scrolling action sequences and top-view adventure thingie. Just like in Zelda 2 ( one of my favourite games ). the dungeons are completed in side-scrolling action, while the adventuring is always viewed from top. Works for me. The character development system is well initiated. with rigorous training you can still overpower your enemies easily, though.

So overall, I recommend to get this game. I'll make a sad pee-pee face if you don't

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