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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Astral_86
Added: 19/08/2003

A new wonderful game is here! Playing this game was at least as funny as playing those zelda gameboy games, or maybe more fun (yeah I think so) By my opinion, this game was my favourite DC may still be but first I have to go check out that popular "Super Ken Senshi"...but however, this game was a very entertaining and amusing RPG game, but I do have some few complains:
1. - Needs more music and sound effects.
2. - Platform in the air.
3. - Double enemies??
4. - A wierd level-up system.
5. - Too much same enemies.
6. - Lastability

1. Needs more music...well the music in this game really was perfect sometimes...but the bad thing was that the game only had like 10-15 midis and it's a very long game so EVERY midi that you've already heard came up again and again and again, and that was pretty boring.
And those sounds! The enemies did even have the same sound when you strike! How many wavs did this game have...? 5...? !!

2. Yeah, platform in the air! And it's true! At alot of places in the game the platform actually sticked out in the air, but it was only when there was ladders. Maybe it was a bug, don't know, it was a little ugly anyway.

3. Double enemies...when you climed a ladder and falled down...there was double enemies! Not the enemies that temporarily was in the playfield if you had slaughtered some, but those enemies who were in just that room before you "came in" was doubled. Was that a bug?? Or maybe just a miss...

4. A wierd level up system...yup! Well in the beginning of the game it took from maybe half an hour to 3 hours to go up a level...but in the ending of took I would think about 5 minutes to go up 5 levels !! I mean...when you're in max level, have everything the game doesn't get so hard, but the funny was; it did not even take long time to get that stuff. If I describe the thing like this; The difference between a level in the beginning was maybe from 1.000 exp to 5.000 exp...but in the ending it was around 5.000.000 to 6.000.000 !! And you got around 10.000 exp to just slain a normal *not difficult* enemy!

5. Too much same enemies...hmm it would be funnier if it wasn't around 5 enemies of the same king but just another color well maybe a few but I think that was TOO much *not new and re-colored* enemies.

6. Lastability...well I think that stuff that you had to strike a wall to get was nearly in every f*in dungeon! Use ya' fantasy and have other stuff...maybe?

Well that was my little complains...but that doesn't mean that I thought the game was bad...NO NO NO, not at all...if I had put a list of every positive thing, the list would have been MANY TIMES longer than this list was!!
But even...those complains I have shouldn't take to much time to fix, I's just little stuff! Maybe some was bugs, but I don't think so, at least not that "too few sounds" stuff.

Thanks for me! /Robin
And congratulations for a very entertaining and exciting game!
*** MIG2 *** ------ YOU ROCK !!

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