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Review: Lost Valley
Author: Strife
Added: 20/10/2003

If you're a fan of adventure RPGs such as Zelda, you'll love this game; Lost Valley. The author, MIG2, spent a long time creating this game (2 years, to be exact), and his efforts have definately paid off.

But enough of what I think. Continue reading and see for yourself...


The "Konamig" logo at the beginning is very unoriginal, but that's not important.

The introduction at the beginning of the game, although short, clearly explains the story of Lost Valley. An evil creature named Zero has engulfed the land in chaos, and your mission is to venture through the dangerous Lost Valley (hence the game's name) and gather the 12 crystals to defeat Zero.

The menus are a little buggy, but superb nontheless.


Now THIS is what I call an AMAZING game. The gameplay in Lost Valley may seem sluggish at first, but you'll quickly become addicted! Why?

- You roam around the world of Lost Valley in a bird's eye view like in Zelda, but, suprise! The action switches to side-scrolling when you enter a dungeon, filled with monsters and lots of secret passages.

- You gain experience as you defeat tons of wierd enemies. You automatically earn Gold for killing monsters, so you never have to worry about money.

- You can learn up to 5 special attacks, each more unique and interesting than the last.

- Tons of weapons and items you can obtain and use to reach secret areas you never knew existed.

- Challenging! There are many, many secret areas that can help you on your journey. Don't stop looking!

There are several bugs in the game, and the level-up system is a bit unbalanced, but everything else outwieghs those two minor problems.


This is where people start having varied opinions about the game. Over 75% of the graphics in Lost Valley are ripped from other games, and as we all know, some people don't like ripped graphics.

But all I can say is, "WHO CARES?". The graphics are PERFECT for a game like this, and they fit well together too. After all, you shouldn't "judge a book by its cover". It's the GAMEPLAY that counts in a game.


Perhaps the only bad part about Lost Valley is the lack of sound. There are sword swipes, poofs, and a catchy chime that plays when you reveal a secret area, but that's it.

Although the music is ripped, it provides much needed ambience, and makes up for the lack of sound.


MIG2 took 2 years to make this game, so what else would you expect? Lost Valley is EXTREMELY addicting.

Okay, now comes the amazing part. Ready? The game takes about 30 hours to complete! That's longer than most Final Fantasy games!

Even if you beat the game, you may just feel like playing it all over again.


Ignore the negatives. Tell your friends to download Lost Valley!

This game is, by far, the most amazing klik-game i've ever played. It doesn't even FEEL like a klik-game; it feels like something much more professional.

MIG2, you are AWESOME. I can't wait to see more of your games.

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