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Chaos Keins
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 12th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 279

First of all I'd like to thank The Joshteck for getting this game up & on the net.
Basicly Chaos Keins is an online battle game that lets you connect to the net via MOO2, you train your kein through a large 1 frame world getting into battles with wild keins to get battle points which can be used as money to buy a more powerful kein or can be used as power points to help rise your level & make your current kein stronger.
As you go through the game being attacked by wild keins you will run into many types of bosses that you will need to first find, then beat to get through to the next part of the world.
As you train your kein to be as strong as it can be, hook up with other players in 1 of 3 battle rooms & test your skills on each other & battle as if the other was a wild kein or a boss. Talk wild in Player Vs. Player or while connected in the world.
When you get to the end at last you will be faced againced 3 power keins known as the ***** *****, these 3 keins must be meaning 1 on 1 without stopping.
If you beat the ***** ***** your game as just started. You must still train to be the best of the best & become the best kein world wide, challenge other keins in online battles & see who is the REAL master!

3D Rendered Graphics
3D Intro
Full Screen
Online Battling
Bosses (Including Final)
Original Music
Original Graphics
And More!

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Review This Download (28.2mb )

Posted by Simen 13th December, 2003

i downloaded a 28mb file, and it doesen't work... there's something wrong with the zip file.
Posted by Rhys D 13th December, 2003

yeah lets download a 28mb file from the guy that made pumpkin 'sencil' maker...even if the file did work o_O
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2003

Did anyone even read the warning? You need the lastest beta of Winzip to unzip it because its in a Max. Deflate & I forgot to make a new one with regular compression, by time I remembered the 28MB file just finished uploading. You need Winzip Ver.9.0 Beta
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 13th December, 2003

You don't make people download a beta. Use version 8 like everyone else. :(
Posted by Rhys D 13th December, 2003

No one is going to download this AND a new version of winzip dude. it's a waste of time, I dont see why you didnt just zip it normally, i mean most people have cable or adsl connections so it really wouldn't bother them if the file was a bit larger.
Posted by Blackgaze 13th December, 2003

like the preview this is a basiclly a rip off of "LOF" (legends of flans). even my game had said where it was ripped of from.
Posted by Galaxy613 13th December, 2003

"basicly" doesn't mean it is, brandon made it before LOF came out, he just didn't know how to do it till recently :p
Posted by Dark One 13th December, 2003

The people on dc like to find anything they can to b*t*h at. Not all us are to lazy to keep Winzip 8.1(when it sucks compared to 9.0), but it seems the ones who come to check the game out are. It's no big deal to dl Winzip 9.0 Beta(I already have it and I'm not dling this till I get highspeed net since it would take me forever) it's only like 1.6 mb or something and Rhys Davies : If most people have adsl and cable they can dl it in 2 seconds to instead of b*t*h*n* go get it then you won't have this problem in the future
Posted by Joshtek 13th December, 2003

I am the one who is currently hosting the file. If Brandon asks me, I can upload a version which works with old copies of WinZip, plus I can upload some pics :)
Posted by laguna 13th December, 2003

Joshtek, are you like Brandons puppy or something?
Posted by laguna 13th December, 2003

It worked fine for me. I didn't see any other players online though, and I kept having to reconnect to the server after every battle. I can play other klik games online, so I assume that I successfully connected. I think. Neat little game overall, but may need some fine tuning. However I think 28 megs is too much for this game. Those fullscreen animations could easily be cut. They don't make a lot of sense anyway.
Posted by Joshtek 13th December, 2003

mysterio: no.
Posted by laguna 13th December, 2003

Anyway, I wish more people would download this so I could test it out with other players.
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2003

I never asked Joshtek to host it, he offerd to & sence it was werth a try, I didn't turn him down, but I will send him another copy of Chaos Keins for the lazy ones out there who wish to keep 8.1.
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2003

Basicly the reasion it needs 9.0 Beta is because I sent Joshtek the once I zipped in 9.0 Beta with Max. Deflate, then he offered to upload it, by time it was uploaded I had remembered that that was the Max Deflated one & instead of reuploading the entire thing, just tell people that 9.0 Beta is needed to upzip this. Thats it, because once you have 9.0 Beta you will #1 have a better version of winzip so I didn't think it would be that big of a deal & #2, be able to install this & other games that may use 9.0 Beta's Max. Deflate. So I thought it was 2 ups rather then as people seem to see it now as 2 downs.
Posted by laguna 14th December, 2003

After my review, someone suggested I download the "Legacy of the flans" games from This is a total ripoff of part 2 by the way. I played flan 2 with my friends all evening, the keins are definitly wannabe flans. I know you say you thought of this first, but there are some coincidences that can't be overlooked: 1) the final boss in both games appears as a spikey sprite on the map, while other bosses are invisible. 2) both games have a large overworld map divided sharply into themed sections 3) the original "kein" is a shapless blue form, like the original flan 4) the ultimate kein is the crystal kein, whereas the ultimate flan was the crystal flan 5) the first area is "keinville" which looks identical to "flanville" 6) the final area is full of "ink effect" objects, like the final area of flan. 7) both games have 5 areas 8 )levels progress downward and to the right, like in flan 2 9) active time battle system identical in both games, including the dual charge meters, attack buttons on top, horizontal layout of fighters, same camera angle, etc. 10) for Gods sake the keins LOOK like the flans!!! 11) map is zelda view, with starting point in top left, just like flan. 12) earn new "keins" right after battle, like flan 13) one enemy per area, like flan 14) same basic stats, powered up with points after battle, like flan 15) chat box bottom left same color, like flan 16) final boss is evil dark kein, as opposed to evil dark flan And these are just the obvious things to someone who played for a few hours.
Posted by Galaxy613 15th December, 2003

LOF was on DC O.o where have u been?
Posted by laguna 15th December, 2003

Regardless, the flan games are very superior to this. You should try an original idea. If you follow this path, you'll always be in 2nd place.
Posted by Galaxy613 17th December, 2003

lets see if they are still 'superior' when Chaos Keins 2 comes out, Doesn't LoFo only have one enemy per place? Chaos Keins 2 will have more :P and lots of more neat stuffs
Posted by Rhys D 19th December, 2003

stop sucking brandons dick for him.
Posted by Silveraura 20th December, 2003

Chaos Keins 2 will be alot more original, because of LOF just comming out as I was working on this game, it was like a gold mine for new ideas. I did get permission from the creater to use them, so stop ripping on me. He also helped me come out with alot of these ideas, so theres no big reasion why they don't resemble his ideas for LOF. The final boss was already disided before LOF even came out! So don't go saying that the boss was made to look like his boss. Plus, if you noticed, that if you play the last boss, it shows the UNshadowed form of him. Thats right, in the title screen it was ust a shadow version of him to hide his real look flickering. (Take a look at my DC icon to see his real form.) Also, the chat box on the left hand right corner is mainly where alot of chat boxes go, so thats where I added it. It was in a place that got in peoples was the least, & I still beleave it does its job in keeping out of peoples way there, so don't be serprised if you see it there on Chaos Keins 2. The idea for Keinsvill also started out BEFORE LOF because that was the ideal name that me & my temp. team memebers helped me with. The ideas for Keins being the way they were was because we didn't know how else to make them. How else could be make an original ideal "monster"? After LOF came out, thats when we discovered are idea was being used, but as we all disided, we weren't going to change it. Also, the only reasion there where 5 areas is because we ran out of ideas for making area & keep a theme that would be easy to make 3D models with. So I can keep the game looking as best as I can get it to look. The name for Crystal stood out in my mind & then he had told me I could use it, so I did. The problems I didn't answer are problems I feel you were just being picky about!





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