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CG Tutorial Pack #1
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 20th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 1075

A small bunch of tutorial packs made mainly for people who are new to MMF 1.5, now most of these tutorials ARE possable in TGF, but I dont have TGF installed & I'd need to wait for Clickteam to give me my serial number sence i lost it. Anyway, this little tutorial pack includes the following tutorials:

Co-Camera-The ability to have 2 players in 1 screen & the camera fallows both of them at the same time.

Magic Sparks-A well known special effect that uses MMF's built in fast loop to create a magical spark effect as featured in screenshot #1.

Fading Credits-A little tech. that doesnt require a single line of events that gives you the ability to have credits or any other kind of text, fade in a gradient style.

Terrain Holes-Another known tech. that will let you basicly blow holes into a backdrop, the only minor problem with this is that unless its on a solid background color, it wont look right.

Speed Effect-Every once in awhile you will see people asking how to do this, its a tutorial that shows you how to make the player sort of have a blur comming from behind as it moves to show speed.

Grid Mouse-Most useful for level editors, this tutorial shows you how to make an object attach to the mouse, while snapping to a grid.

Split-Screen-A really easy way to make a split scren style 2 player mode without using "Project" inside MMF. (MMF Only; Sub-Application Object)

Anyway, this tutorial pack was made with a little help from Amnesiasoft with the Magical Sparks. Thanks!

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Posted by Joshua M. 21st November, 2004

Those were pretty good. I especially liked the speed effect (I tried it in TGF after seeing this, but it isn't as nice), and the sparkle effect was kinda nice too, but it would be nicer if it was a color or fire. Also the text fading effect is cool.
Posted by DaVince 21st November, 2004

Just what people need... and VERY simple! You Rock!
Posted by Silveraura 21st November, 2004

Thanks, I was told tho by a friend of mine that the coding was a bit of the sloppy side. I'll make sure I'll make things a bit cleaner for the next tutorial pack. I'm accepting requests if anyone has any idea's. :-)
Posted by Entropy Blaster 21st November, 2004

Awesome Brandon! (Thumbs UP!) We are waiting for other tutorial packs!!! :)
Posted by Silveraura 21st November, 2004

That would be possable Phizzy, if you have a server big enough to hold 100 players lagglessly. Besides, I am working on what used to be known as "EmpireMission", the MMOG with no NCP, the entire battle is Person vs Person. Anyway, any other requests are welcome. :-P
Posted by Wormware 21st November, 2004

really nice stuff
Posted by AfterStar 21st November, 2004

Very good and simple! Looking forward to other tutorials you make :) !
Posted by Galaxy613 21st November, 2004

Nice job Brandon. :)
Posted by AndyUK 22nd November, 2004

This is probably the best tutorial pack ive seen yet! nice one!
Posted by DaVince 23rd November, 2004

Who voted thumbs down?!
Posted by Silveraura 23rd November, 2004

Not sure, I noticed that there has been atleast 1 thumbs down on everything here. Atleast everything with atleast 5 votes.
Posted by benb7760 - Plasmagem 1st December, 2004

i think a great feature to be added to the follow tut would be using the zoom object, so that you could go as far as you want, and the cam would zoom out. That would be cool
Posted by Nuklear41 4th December, 2004

How do I change the examples? I can only do the camera one?
Posted by Silveraura 5th December, 2004

If you mean the menu at runtime, just press up & down, if you mean the menu in the source, its a text file, just edit it. Now I dont use text files for all my menu's, but I figured because this was going to be something that should just be text, not large images, I made it a string.
Posted by Daman 17th December, 2004

I cant download this
Posted by Dave Matthew (Jester Gaming) 23rd January, 2005

This one is great brandon. I got like 20 new idéas for games I will make
Posted by Slok Games 10th January, 2006

i hate sitesled it never work! maby it works with Iexplorer?
Posted by Slok Games 10th January, 2006 didn´t..can you uplaod it on another site?
Posted by The T.C. 6th March, 2007

I can only assume that this download was hosted on a deleted account... though since it was made in '04 I doubt that this would be fixed sad as it seems as it seems to be exactly what I need
Posted by moren11 29th November, 2008

not working
Posted by Rich Datson 7th October, 2010

bum! I so wanted this one





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