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Oblivion Save Manager
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 22nd August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 230

Oblivion Save Manager is a small application that can seamlessly allow you to switch save files in Oblivion to assure friends wont accidentally overwrite your save file while playing (because of auto save &/or quick save).

Simply place the SaveManager.exe file into the My Games/Oblivion folder, located in My Documents (My Documents/My Games/Oblivion) and then run the program.
Create a new name, this name will be assigned to the current save files. Any names after that will have a folder created for them, simply switch to that name and the folder will become the default folder for Oblivion.

PS: SaveManager is incapable of deleting save files, as this could be potentially risky with such valuable files. Please do not suggest that I add this feature, as I purposely chose not to add it.

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Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

A very interesting idea.

Strange without a doubt, but interesting.
Posted by Wicked Studios 24th August, 2006

very cool idea, especially since my friend deleted my character that had some awesome equipment, mastery in several good skills, and the thieves guild and dark brotherhood totally complete. all in all: im deffinetely gonna use this lol
Posted by Silveraura 25th August, 2006

Yeah, I made this after I let my friend make a character and found that Oblivion didn't even say anything about overwriting, it just took over one of my save files. Decided to make this, I don't want to risk him completely taking over.
Posted by Chrisbo 25th August, 2006

What's oblivion?
Posted by Michael P 26th August, 2006

"What's oblivion? " by Chrisbo

your kidding right? You cant tell me you've never heard of Elderscrolls: Oblivion, even if you did hear of it everyone ive talked to knows Oblivion is short for it
Posted by Zethell 27th August, 2006

This is simple AND usefull :]

Im always scared when i save my games -_-;
Got 2 chars
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 13th September, 2006

Great idea, wish there were more programs like this actually





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