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Diamond: Revolution 2
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 18th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 262
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By BrandonC on 2/19/2007

After many requests, a second part to Diamond: Revolution is finally finished. After half a year of work, it's safe to say that it's better in almost every single aspect!

Incase you were unsure; the game is an Arcade/Puzzle game that involves both quick reflexes and swift thinking in order to be successful! The game uses highly simplified game play combined with tricky levels that will keep both your mind and your hand eye coordination at work from start to finish!

The goals from Diamond: Revolution 2 have changed quite a bit from other parts of the series. To complete levels, you must destroy all of the gems in the level, rather then get to an exit. This includes all the diamonds and all the crystals; however bombs and tornados are an exception to the rule.

Diamond: Revolution 2 also gets rid of the lives system that took place in previous games. You no longer need to worry about losing all your lives and restarting from the start of a part!

Whets new?
What isn't? Diamond: Revolution 2 completely revamps the entire game the way it was supposed to be many years ago.

This game makes bold changes to the entire game, and major improvements on every little detail! Unlike in Diamond: Revolution, the game is much less like an obstacle course, and much more puzzle based. Levels will still involve quick reflexes, but it won't be the only thing involved in success.

Reprogrammed from scratch using Multimedia Fusion 2.
Beautifully pre-rendered 3D graphics.

Tons of new objects including fuse and steel bricks.

High quality OGG format music.

Fully functional level editor.

Very smooth and solid game play.

Takes full advantage of Multimedia Fusion 2's new features, and continues to push the limits!

Completely new goals, no lives, and larger levels.

Designed for expandability, allowing the game to receive more levels and more objects in the future, without releasing another installment to the series!

Much, more!

Diamond: Revolution 2 takes Diamond into unknown waters and gives the game the extreme boost of innovation that has been requested for years!

[For those interested, a lite download will be available soon. For the best experience however, it's recommended you get the full game. Lite will remove much of the games quality to bring the file size down!]

For more from CassataGames.
For more music like that used in Diamond: Revolution 2.

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 (53.4 mkb )

Posted by JFrudy 18th February, 2007

wooooooot its out!
Posted by James Sherin 18th February, 2007

its awsome game
Posted by Tim 19th February, 2007

You can smell the Vista
Posted by Joshua M. 20th February, 2007

The graphics certainly do seem to be inspired by Vista's looks, but Vista sucks and this game doesn't
Posted by robin90 20th February, 2007

A pretty original nice game.Loves the music as well.
Thumbs Up
Posted by 20th February, 2007

i don't get it what you got to do? theres no option which tells you how to play!!!!
Posted by Joshua M. 20th February, 2007

Wha? You get instructions on what to do when you start playing the first time, like, a tutorial. Just read, if you really have to. Or read the download description.

Posted by Johnny Look 20th February, 2007

haha 55 Mb you gotta be fucking kidding.
Posted by Silveraura 20th February, 2007

Thanks for the compliments so far.

@Va1entine: There's also a PDF file that comes with the game, describes how to play and what all the objects do, in case you blow through the tutorial levels to fast.

@Johnny Look: Plenty of people on and off TDC have downloaded the game, regardless of it's size, and have said it was worth it, I was not willing to destroy the quality of the final game for people who complain about file sizes.

Like the description says, lite coming soon. I don't want everyone jumping on the lite, just because it's smaller though, I want as many people to get the full experience, as I can.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th February, 2007

Johnny Look: In this day and age 55MB isn't exactly monsterous; I'm downloading it right now and it'll be done in 12 minutes.

Then I shall review it at Clickzine (I've been a bit lazy this week).
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th February, 2007

Downloading. Be here in 15 minutes on a shitty 512kbps connection
Posted by Superfunk 20th February, 2007

For a short while there, I thought this wasn't MMF2. This is some good stuff!
Posted by alastair john jack 20th February, 2007

woo 28kbps!
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th February, 2007

I kinda like this. It's fun, high production values, don't like the music though. Seems a little overbearing.
Posted by bhlaab 20th February, 2007

oh shit man I used to play this game all the time on my school's old macs I've been looking for a remake forever thank you
Posted by Quadralien 20th February, 2007

(Warning, being brutally honest alert)

Alas, this follows much the same formula as the older games - and now, with the inclusion of scrolling arenas without a way to view the full game field, the game feels much MORE like an obstacle course than ever before - if I can't work out your puzzles by careful planning beforehand, it seems this scrolling is more of a downgrade than an upgrade...

Even so, thank the gods you've got rid of the lives system.

The only further comment I've always felt I needed to give the series is:
Damn it, Phizzy - for all your flaming of this series, why did you always have to be right about it?
(Yes, I've given several of the games the benefit of the doubt, and regretted it each time...)

Posted by Silveraura 20th February, 2007

The biggest compliant about the series was the fact that it was never truly innovated. This is that innovation that's been long requested, and unlike the older games, it's built to be expandable. Expect to see many patches and expansions to this game, rather then pumping out sequels.

Appreciate the honesty, just keep in mind that I'm doing the best I can to assure that everything about the old games, is completely fixed up. Make this game was I wanted it to be from the very start, comments and critique make this possible.
Posted by Michael P 21st February, 2007


I've talked to BrandonC a lot, funny thing is he didnt intend to make a remake when he made it. He had no clue of the original, he did it as an original idea to him.
Posted by Quadralien 21st February, 2007

What would eliminate most of my complaints with this version would be the ability to use the arrows to scroll around the levels before starting, or some sort of level map shown beforehand. That way, you could view all of the level before starting, and come up with some sort of plan for how to complete it, rather than be limited to a small section of the screen to work with at first.

A possible first use for that update system, perhaps.
Posted by Silveraura 21st February, 2007

I've had a few people ask for something like that. I'll be sure to do anything I can to assure I get a nice smooth level preview prior to starting. Thanks.

Keep the idea's coming, the more I get, the more I know what's expected.
Posted by Quadralien 21st February, 2007

(persuades himself to finish the game)

...Hmm, once you've completed it and press "Play" again, a level select screen might be nice, although I'm assuming you're leaving it so that you start at the beginning of the next level update when it arrives.

However, the credits screen isn't exactly my number 1 place to go to when I select "Play".
Posted by 22nd February, 2007

Sorry BrandonC it wasn't a compliment, just didn't understand how to play sorry, i think the games wicked i just don't like the un-know thanks for the tips, really getting into it now!
Posted by 22nd February, 2007

55mb, thats nothing on my 10meg cable modem i downloaded it in under 3 minutes lol! the futures Virgin Media people!!!!!!!!!!! ( its gonna be 50 meg by the summer)
Posted by TheoX 22nd February, 2007

Good game! It reminds me a lot of some retro game I played once, but that game's name escapes me...
Posted by axel 25th February, 2007

Fantastic. Remember last time you released a Diamond game, Brandon? You said you'd never do it again... And I was actually hoping you'd keep that promise.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2007

Forgot to mention: reviewed at Clickzine.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd March, 2007

Very nice. I still think you should stop this series, however...
Posted by OMC 18th June, 2009
Rated :

Just got around to playing this from your site. Very fun concept and quality workmanship. Looks like I'll be the first to rate it. ;D





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