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Author: Silveraura Submitted: 13th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 318

Edited By Brandon Cassata on 4/28/2005

Hello, & Welcome To Diamond!
A Game of great skill!
The object of the game is to get rid of the diamonds
of your color to break a path to the exit!
You can change your color by hitting blocks with
the color in the middle that you need to turn!
The movement is simple!
You (The Ball) always move up & down & you
(The Ball) can move left & right using the arrow keys.
You must get to the exit block with the little star on it by
breaking your way to it!
But as you may know there is no way of doing so without
having to change your color using the color changers!

Move Left: >
Move Right: <

Diamond Gold also has a bunch of new features like:
Smoke Effects
Save Game Feature
Many More levels
Better Graphics & more!

Ball Graphics By Derek T. Reaves
Brick Wall Stucture By Derek T. Reaves
Other Wall Graphic By Brandon T. Cassata
Brick Wall Coloring By Brandon T. Cassata
Gameplay By Derek T. Reaves
Music By Brandon T. Cassata
Level Structures By Brandon T. Cassata

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Posted by Shen 14th October, 2002

Hmm, this still has a lot of the bad features of the older version...
Posted by Silveraura 14th October, 2002

I know, after it was on I saw some little bugs I never got up to fixing, but I'm gonna start working on a Diamond Gold Patch. (Only for users of Diamond Gold, will not update bugs in Diamond, or upgrade Diamond to Diamond Gold.)
Posted by 15th October, 2002

interesting game.... but a little strange.
Posted by Gongashplei 19th October, 2002

the above comment is profoundly quotable
Posted by Silveraura 19th October, 2002

Diamond 2 is in progress!
Posted by kreature 19th October, 2002

Nice game, but does play a bit slow. Keep up the good work Brandon ! And Gongashplei .. I agree ! ;P
Posted by HOSJ 19th October, 2002

a game of great skill?
Posted by Silveraura 19th October, 2002

It means it takes a bit of skill to play.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 20th October, 2002

HOSJ Play the final levels and see if it takes skills ;-) :-p
Posted by Silveraura 20th October, 2002

Many Comments, no reviews. :-P





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