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Jedi Temple
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 20th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 342

Edited By Simon Colmer on 6/21/2004

Ages ago i posted this in the previews section as i was unable to release it without a server, i got loads of feedback just from the preview and now i have a server

About the game:
This is a online battle gammer/rpg when you choose between Sith and Jedi and you battle each other to get better stats which are then posted on the JT site. When i posted this in the previews i talked about a level editor, unforchantly this version wont have the editor due to the fact the server cant run the programs needed so that will have to wait. Any how i hop you have fun, oh yeah if you want to instead of downloading the standalone if you get FLC 2 then you can get it through that (recomended)

This is what i said in the preview:
"Jedi Temple is the latest game by X-Volt Studios ( This new game is an online battle gamer. The aim of the game is to kill people, get, money and upgrade to the next level. Jedi Temple at this moment in time consists of around 16 characters (some hidden) When you register you choose to be either Sith or Jedi, this in the end changes what you can do as each team (Jedi or Sith) have different stregnths and weakness. Also in JT (Jedi Temple) there is a bar (other wise known as the Canteena) where if a barman is online you can buy drinks, there is also a game to gain money."


Simon Colmer/Workshop2


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Posted by Simen 20th February, 2004

Well... umh...the gfx isn't actually top quality... And no one seemed to be online. I just walked around... and... umh... hit weird flashy things... Maybe it'll be fun if someone else is online. Probably.
Posted by Teapot 20th February, 2004

I've been waiting for this!
Posted by Dark One 20th February, 2004

Well it's hard to play with other people in online click games when a minimum of 10 people have the game online games aren't all to popular, it would be since to have an online click game which 500 people have, the chance of someone playing is higher.
Posted by istvan 21st February, 2004

sounds like the killer purple stuff to me
Posted by Simon Colmer 21st February, 2004

lol, yeah well once it picks up and more people play it should be more fun. 38 people have registered!!
Posted by Tiri 21st February, 2004

this game is like a cheap rip off of smily house but with starwars characters
Posted by Simon Colmer 21st February, 2004

hell is it man
Posted by Tiri 21st February, 2004

what simon?? oh ya i noticed some ripped graphics from JK2 Jedi OUtcast in there also xD
Posted by Casto Seth 21st February, 2004

its star wars so its cool
Posted by Simon Colmer 21st February, 2004

just the logo, its a fan game damm it u have to have the star wars logo in, sry if i offend u
Posted by Tiri 21st February, 2004

i know simon was just pointing that out is all
Posted by Tiri 21st February, 2004

oh and what are those rectangel things with the curved edges??
Posted by - Yelnek - 21st February, 2004

Who gives if the beginning is ripped dogs!?!? I think you have to expect every grfxs. to be ripped if its a fan game.... I can't wait to play thou cause this is the first StarWars Fan game to be completed that I know of.
Posted by Tiri 21st February, 2004

no one cares if the graphics are ripped like i said before i was just pointing it out and also it would be alot better if the game had missions also
Posted by Tiri 22nd February, 2004

i think its just a teleporter cause it doesnt kill you it just moves you to the starting point
Posted by Nick of All Trades 22nd February, 2004

No it shrinks your life if it doesn't "teleport" you
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd February, 2004

it was going to take you to a secret room but we changed our minds and made it kill u, hehe i will unlock the council rooms found in the jedi and sith temple for people to go in everyone can u vote 4 my game in game of the week, ihave never had 1 b4 and im sure tigs has!!
Posted by - Yelnek - 22nd February, 2004

sweet stuff! Where can I find this "Purple stuff?"
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd February, 2004

you can find it in the shop, you just have to get to it!!
Posted by Marvel Hero 2.0 22nd February, 2004

Get people playing man! This game is lamesville with no one on it.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 22nd February, 2004

it would be a lot better than flannville if some people would start playing
Posted by - Yelnek - 23rd February, 2004

I've been playing tons..haha!
Posted by Mr Coffee 23rd February, 2004

Agh, those X-Wings........ Just yuck.
Posted by - Yelnek - 23rd February, 2004

Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd February, 2004

there have been lots of logins, around 20-40 a day! so there are people just at different times!
Posted by Tiri 23rd February, 2004

i login about 15 times a day to see if people are on so i can kill them with my groovy darthmaul :P btw my name in this game is tiri if anyone wants to fight
Posted by - Yelnek - 23rd February, 2004

Fear me for I rule the LAND!!!!
Posted by - Yelnek - 24th February, 2004

So I am a Sith Darth Maul Master with 20000+ bucks :D:D:D
Posted by - Yelnek - 24th February, 2004

And ummmmmmmm a .... gun XD:P
Posted by Simon Colmer 25th February, 2004

god u must go on it loads :@
Posted by - Yelnek - 25th February, 2004

Your mad at me?????? And your the creator???? lol... I do alot at night which sucks cause nobodys on :S Oh well.....
Posted by - Yelnek - 26th February, 2004

no man I just like to give a game which "Can get better" a good chance... Anywayz, I only play it when Im on know its in the background.... I only have to beat that damn Emperor and BLAM! Im the top player...haha...but yes...I kinda wish it would be upgraded a bit... or have new planets we can go to or something...
Posted by Simon Colmer 26th February, 2004

lol, well me and Chicken14528 should be remaking it, but its not final! I had a level editor but it had many bugs and the server would not run it for some reason, so until the better server is done (finnished) then i cant do much
Posted by acal 27th February, 2004

come on! someone log in! I'm the only one
Posted by - Yelnek - 28th February, 2004

hey dude I was on! Remember me?
Posted by renneF 28th February, 2004

when is the next version out?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 29th February, 2004

Quote the Duke Nuken Forever team and Chicken "When it's done"
Posted by Killerjedi 6th March, 2004

I can't download this, something's wrong with the link...
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 17th June, 2004

yea the link has been down for like AGES, why won't you fix it??
Posted by ProtoMarcus 4th November, 2004

how can I download it??





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