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Sub Zero Conditions Patch
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 19th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 57

Here is a basic application made to patch the cool game Sub Zero Conditions! Please note this is an unofficial patch although i have been given the ok from Willy!

I found when I had completed SZC i wanted to try it with cheats, although this can be done by ini editing i decided (for some odd reason) to make a small application to do this for me!

This patch includes gun selections, level selections (and small descriptions which can be edited in the ini files in the folder images) and includes health, ammo and arena mode cheats!

If you like SZC you should like this app!

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Posted by Liquixcat 19th September, 2005

Wow, 4MB! That's only 1.6MB smaller then the game itself. lol
Posted by Simon Colmer 20th September, 2005

lol, shh
Posted by Willy C 20th September, 2005

Posted by Fragasnap 21st September, 2005

Pretty Neat! But, you can cheat like this anyways by editing the Configuration settings file :D
Posted by Simon Colmer 4th December, 2005

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