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Time Travel
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 5th September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 95

An amazing, 100% original, 3d art, most diverse gameplay ever known to man.......

Ok, so this is mine and Adams 1st attempt at a game back in 2000 (everyone has their roots) and i found the CD with this on (we thought it had been lost forever)

What to expect in this game:
- Amazing Art
- No Library Graphics
- Amazing Original Gameplay and Storyline
- Lovely music and sounds
- Hours long, lots of playtime......

....well kinda! Take a look!

Its about a bad man taking over the world and you have to collect 4 diamonds to get into his base and kill him! AMAZING i know

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Posted by Milo 5th September, 2007

Yay First Comment and download. It's pretty good
Posted by Milo 5th September, 2007

Although I think it's impossible to get past level 2
Posted by bhlaab 6th September, 2007

why even submit this
Posted by alperoz49 6th September, 2007

An amazing, 100% original, 3d art, most diverse gameplay ever known to man....... players should say this not you sounds well downloading...
Posted by Simon Colmer 6th September, 2007

i was being sarcastic! lol
Posted by Pariah Leviticus 6th September, 2007

bhlaab: Because it's hilarious. Nice one, Simon.

Posted by Milo 6th September, 2007

The engine's very faulty.
Posted by adxvolt 7th September, 2007

The engines bound to be faulty dude lol, we made this when we were like 12. hehe. Hope you enjoy it anyway, if you get stuck just ask.

Posted by Qwertybub3 16th September, 2007

Ok then, how do I escape from the king's prison?
Posted by Simon Colmer 18th September, 2007

keep pressing shift when above the bed i think! its rly buggy!
Posted by DaVince 30th September, 2007

lol, really weird. The prison bed thing is impossible.





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