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Author: Vertigo Submitted: 20th January, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 334
106th Place     (4.25 / 5)

Edited By Vertigo on 5/10/2009

This is my first game I upload to The Daily Click, so, Hi!
The game is simple called Bird, and is about a young, blue bird searching for stamps. Sounds kind of lame but I think its pretty addictive Play beyond the first two missions! (you just need to collect coins in those but after that you get different missions!) Anyway you can read the rest of the story in the game or in screenshot #4

P.S. All graphics and characters are copyright protected.
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Posted by Pixelthief 21st January, 2008
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The graphics are especially good, and it plays nice! Two small things; I couldn't tell but I think theres no sound, is that right? It seems like it could have been a little better set to some music. Also, alot of people don't like using installers; you should just save your games as stand alone applications and put the .exe and .gam in there, and all anyone has to do is unzip it.
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Posted by Vertigo 21st January, 2008

Well the weird thing is people playing my game without the installer cant play if they miss a .dll file. This is the download file for visitors of my website and most of them have never played a game made by Multimedia fusion so they miss the dll. Oh and you are right about the music, might add that in version 2.0. Thanks for the good rating Image glad you liked it

P.S. Its normal the graphics are better than the rest (like the music) because I am originally a pixel artist who started making games
Comment edited by Wouter van Vugt on 1/21/2008
Posted by Pixelthief 21st January, 2008
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Yes, its normal practice on the site to include the CNC232.DLL or CNC32.DLL file in your .zip; if its unpacked into the same folder as the game, it should run even without the installer
Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2008

Games made in:
The Games Factory 1.6 use CNCS32.dll
Multimedia Fusion 1.5 use CNCS232.dll
Multimedia Fusion 2.0 use none of the above.
Posted by viva/volt 22nd January, 2008
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Very nice graphics but I'd much prefer it without the installer. This is a good game for one of your first!

Hope we see more from you (including custom movement )
Posted by Vertigo 22nd January, 2008

Update: Added some sounds, still no MIDI yet... dont want to use stuff from the net, will look for someone to compose it for my games
Posted by Vostail Fox 22nd January, 2008
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As a pixel artist myself, I like to check out the screen shots before reading the description. And the first thing
I noticed was the bird; I knew I saw it at Pixelation
a while ago, so at first I thought you ripped it.
But after reading some, I remembered your name.

As for the game it's self, the only thing that I think
should change would be the stamp vendors; they looked like enemies at first. Maybe you should add
a speech bubble over their heads or something like
that to get the player's attention.

One thing about the graphics, I'd loose the dark
outline under the rocks, and add some longer grass
around the rock instead. It's not essential, but it
would make the graphics look much cleaner.

Other than that though, its a really fun game.
Comment edited by Vostail Fox on 1/22/2008
Posted by Vertigo 23rd January, 2008

Haha glad you liked it, and will make those speech bubbles and grass, those are really good ideas
Posted by mojofltr 26th January, 2008
Rated :

I like this very much.

However, one of my pet peaves is having to jump from one set of controls to another during a game.

Why not have all controls mapped to the keyboard or to the mouse... or both?
Posted by Vertigo 26th January, 2008

Yeah you are probably right, I could make the menus for the arrow keys but you'd have to change to the mouse for the maze-games anyway... right?
Posted by Fifth 26th January, 2008

Heh... the characters and graphics are cute (I especially liked that cat-thing who gives you the second mouse-maze challenge), but the gameplay is a little tedious (particularly collecting coins), and losing a life for failing the mouse-mazes made those pretty unforgiving (unless you knew how to cheat...!)
I was also disappointed that you didn't even get to see the completed stamp book upon winning, or even the final stamp... Only a high score table that I have no idea how to even access.

Anyway, the game's got it's charm.
Posted by Vertigo 27th January, 2008

Haha, I did make the Final Boss stamp so might show that next to the highscore table... Will make a link from the home menu to that table rhis evening
Posted by erghhhhx 15th March, 2008
Rated :

Nice, cute graphics.
Posted by Vertigo 15th March, 2008

Toxic, have you played or just looked at the screenshots...
Posted by J.R.P 15th March, 2008
Rated :

Good Game! Thumbs up! Groovy pixels! Fun gameplay! super bird fun! Stamp action pushed to the limits!.......i have run out of blurbs!
Posted by AfterStar 15th March, 2008
Rated :

Like PixelThief said,it's as easy and effective to just put all the files including the dll in a zip instead of having an installer,which puts a lot of people away.

About the game,I played it till the end and apart from the cute graphics,it was pretty boring.

Apart from one objective,to repair a robot,the rest of the objectives were all the same and boring, collect 25coins or go from A to B point with the mouse.To collect all the special stamps,you just have to repeatedly enter the first scene with the snake and there is a chance of those appearing and it's also the easiest scene to collect the coins.

The Boss was ok,but pretty easy, too bad we didn't get to see the final stamp. There was also a lack of music but meh ok.
Posted by Vertigo 16th March, 2008

Yeah... all of it is true. I was working on a second version that had more minigames, the final stamp etc. but I lost interest because ive been working on Bird for a loooong time...
Posted by Introversity 14th December, 2010
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Posted by Vertigo 14th December, 2010

What do you mean?





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