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Assalor Beta - BROKEN -
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 16th August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 140

Edited By Vertigo on 9/7/2009

This is the first version of my new game Assalor,
it is a stratigical game featuring Halo and Warhammer 40K armies.
The game is fully functional but music and some
extras need to be added. Im also showing it to you to
see if you like it, it might also contain some bugs that
you need to help me find

The game is based on income, by spending your money
on the right units you can destroy the enemy. Be sure
to try the hard difficulty!

Current armies:
U.N.S.C. (Halo)
Covenant (Halo)
Space marines (W40K)
Orks and goblins (W40K)

Im going on a holiday but I will answer
all of your questions,tips etc. when I get back!
Please tell me what I can improve!


P.S. Im in a hurry so if the game doesnt work,
find the .dll that is needed to play Games Factory
games. The final version will be made in MMF2.

Edit: This download now links to the most recent version: Beta II. Have fun playing!

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Posted by Callebo 16th August, 2009
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Good idea But really need more units and perhaps buildings, so a little more strategy is involved
Posted by erghhhhx 16th August, 2009

I'd say you should either lower the unit-speed or make the playfield larger.

Also, there was a weird bug when I bought an Orc-tank. Didn't occour the 2nd time I tried, though.

Nice graphics, as always.
Posted by Sketchy 17th August, 2009

Yeah, definitely needs much bigger and more dynamic levels. Otherwise it's not very strategic, and every level will play the same.

For example, you could include:
Gun turrets which can be captured by engineer units; Factories which can also be captured and which increase the rate at which you gain funds; Crates falling from the sky which give a power-up to the first player to reach them ( la worms)...

You could also make combat a bit more "rock-paper-scissors" (makes it more interesting, but still fairly easy to balance units).
For example:
Air units -beat-> Tanks -beat-> Missiles -beat-> Air units

Maybe include a few specialist units too, such as an APC that can carry infantry but have better speed & armor (click on the APC to unload?)

As far as the current version goes...
Neat graphics
It is a bit buggy though - sometimes it will stop letting you buy certain new units even if you have loads of money and wait ages. Sometimes it will let you buy a unit (and take your money etc), but it just never appears
The progress bars for the different units need to fill smoothly - not jump from halfempty to full in one go.
The mongoose is waaay cheap (as in broken).

Play "armor alley" if you want to see an example of how this kind of game *should* be made.
Posted by Vertigo 17th August, 2009

Thanks for all your comments

- I will create missile turrets, special vehicles etc.
- Sometimes units won't appear because an enemy vehicle is overlapping your base.
- I will look into the mongoose (its cheap because it doesnt have any weapons)
- I will make enngineers to take over turrets (and damage the enemy base when they enter)
- Ill look into the speed of the game

All of this will be done when I get back,
keep posting help, tips and comments! Thanks
Posted by [DELETED] 19th August, 2009

Yeah I think there's some work to be done, it played quite slow and there wasn't enough interaction between teams. Money came in very slowly and you would be lucky to see 2-3 units on the field. I think with some work, this come because a really good game, the graphics are awesome, too!
Great work but with such slow gameplay for the kind of setting the game has, there's no real desires to play all the armies etc.

Keep at it.
Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009

Aww man i couldn't play it
Posted by Vertigo 31st August, 2009

@ Marko: You might need the .dll nescessary to play The Games Factory 1 games, but not to worry, The final Assalor won't have that problem!





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