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Bird 2
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 29th November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 136

Edited By Vertigo on 11/29/2010

Edited By Vertigo on 11/29/2010
Your goal in Bird 2 is to collect all 12 stamps to fill the book that Birds grandfather left him. Enjoy the art on the stamps and see how fast you can finish the game! Some stamps are hidden, some have to be earned by completing missions. This is mostly a game for relaxing, but some missions can be thrilling too!

Bird follows your mouse. Look and ask for stamps. Are you stuck? Ask helpbot!

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Can also be played on Newgrounds, Kongregate, DeviantArt etc etc

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Posted by The Chris Street 29th November, 2010

Can you perhaps write a better, lengthier description before we accept?
Posted by Vertigo 29th November, 2010

Posted by Sephirenn 30th November, 2010
Rated :

Cool and fun game, with nice graphics. My only complaint is the quest when you had to get 30 coins. I almost quit at that point, but I'm glad I didn't.
Posted by Vertigo 30th November, 2010

haha sorry glad you liked it
Posted by Oveliuz Meliuz 1st December, 2010

Nice. I beat it in 13minutes and 8 seconds
Posted by MJK 1st December, 2010

Cute game.

I would recommend combining the preloader and pre-game ads, better experience for the player (only 1 "loading" screen instead of 2). Mochi Live Updates is really good for this.
Posted by Vertigo 1st December, 2010

Glad you liked it Will look into the preloaders
Posted by Yami 6th December, 2010
Rated :

I was surprised to find myself playing this game all the way through. My only complaint is that I didn't feel totally rewarded after all my hard work. I would love to see an online high scoreboard for this. It would definitely add a depth to the game that would give players more of a reason to play. Such as, hey I beat the game this fast. Also, I'm really interested on what your influences were for this game, because I really liked some of the ideas you had and I thought the game showed some signs of really good potential.
Posted by Vertigo 6th December, 2010

You're right about the lack of reward, I simple hoped the artwork on the stamps would be enough, mainly because I have no experience in online scoreboards... Some elements of this game where based on Bird 1, but that game was played with the arrow keys. Bird 1 only had coin-collecting missions and tracks that you'd have to do with your mouse without touching the edges. Ford Bird 2 I thought of new puzzles that could be played in the same frame (so no switching to a new screen for a puzzle)
Posted by Yami 6th December, 2010
Rated :

Well if that's the case, I would say at least have it where you could view previous scores from the game.
Posted by Vertigo 6th December, 2010

You've got a point there, I'll look into it
Posted by Jenswa 12th December, 2010

This is a nice little game, I like it Perhaps create an enhanced mobile version, I am sure iphone/android users will like it.
Posted by Vertigo 12th December, 2010

Yeah id make a good iPhone game Is the exporter ready yet?
Posted by Toadsanime 17th December, 2010

Gosh darn it, for whatever reason, I'm only really in to downloads. Shame, as this looks pretty neat. I have the first game on my hard-drive, but admittedly it's still sitting in my massive 'to test' folder.
Posted by Vertigo 17th December, 2010

I could make a .exe, but then again you could also man up a little






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