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Simple Sidenote
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 13th December, 2009 Favourites:0
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Edited By Vertigo on 12/13/2009

I often get confused when I need to do a lot of things at the same time (try creating a logo, a magazine and an illustration while having a client on the phone). That is why i've created Simple Sidenote!

Simple Sidenote is a program that easily remembers all your tasks. It shows you what you need to do, what is urgent and what you've already done.

When you've finished a task, click the V to turn it green. When a task gets urgent, click the ! to turn it red. Urgent and finished tasks will not be editable. click the pencil to edit or the trashcan to clear.

When you close Simple Sidenote, it remembers you checklist. You can also print your list and change the colour of the program.

Simple Sidenote is always shown on top of the screen, but when it gets in the way, you can make the program move to the left and back.

Did you miss anything in the program? Let me know (but the program needs to remain simple!)

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Posted by UrbanMonk 13th December, 2009

ha ha! I've made one of these for myself already!
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2009

And yet you're on Windows Vista which has one of these already as a gadget... which doesn't use up a precious task bar slot.
Posted by UrbanMonk 13th December, 2009

That would be too easy silly!
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th December, 2009

Technically Google has this as well.

Regardless, judgments ought to be made based on the program itself, not on whether it is useful to you. It may be useful to someone.
Comment edited by Jon Lambert on 12/14/2009
Posted by Vertigo 14th December, 2009

@ Silverfire: I will it from the task bar as soon as I get the tray icon working (bottom right). Does Vista have a gadget like this that is always on top? I thought it only has the notebloc on the desktop.

@ Jon Lambert: Can you show that Google gadget? I'm curious!
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th December, 2009
Posted by Silveraura 14th December, 2009

@Vertigo the whole side bar can be brought up to always stay on top, yes. Also, in Windows 7, I think you can pin individual gadgets to always be on top too.
Posted by Fordom 15th December, 2009

it's to simple.
and i know how to hide the Tray slot
But i won't tell you

Posted by Vertigo 15th December, 2009

@ Jon and Silver: Thanks for the info! I think it's time to stop working on this project.

@ Mikael: Thanks a lot...
Posted by Lelle 15th December, 2009

It actually might be useful to me, as i am still a Windows XP user, and quite forgetful.
But yes, there are a lot of programs like this even for XP.

Posted by Vertigo 15th December, 2009

hmm ok. consider this program as abandoned...
Posted by Jon Lambert 15th December, 2009

Just because there are other products out there doesn't mean you should just give up. You might make a better product.
Posted by Silveraura 16th December, 2009

If you gave it a much sleeker more professional look to it, and possibly made it so that it was hidden until the user placed the mouse over the right side of the screen for a second or two (customizable) than it would almost quadrupedal the programs desirability; for me at least.
Posted by Vertigo 16th December, 2009

@ Jon: Yeah that's true but I don't have a lot of free time, so I don't want to spend ages on this when there are other, much better alternatives.

@Silverfire: I'll try that when I have the time. Does anyone know how to hide the taskbar slot without the Tray Icon Object (because that doesn't work for me).
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th December, 2009

You could just make it a sub-app and have the main app hidden.
Posted by Vertigo 17th December, 2009

I'll try that!





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