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Project Needle
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 13th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 81

Edited By Vertigo on 7/13/2010

This is Project Needle, the new pixeled zombie shooter from Muffachine. Fight with 4 standard characters and 4 secret characters against a horde of zombies made by evil scientists.(This game was called Robot Gunner at first.)

The character walks on its own, all you have to do is shoot zombies and pick up money with your mouse. Find the weakspots for all 5 bosses and enter your highscore!

Update: Quote from CaveStory has been replaced by another game because Pixel woudln't allow the tribute.

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Posted by Callebo 14th July, 2010

What extras do you get for donating?
Posted by Vertigo 15th July, 2010

You get 9 character codes, some are new characters, some change you into a zombie for example. You'll also get 3 artworks and all music as .mp3's.

Did you like the game?
Posted by Callebo 15th July, 2010

Uh, norton doesn't like the game for some reason and won't let me play. Will fix soon then I'll come back
Posted by Vertigo 15th July, 2010

Ok fine Does your Norton do that with more zip files?
Posted by Callebo 19th July, 2010

Yes, it does so don't worry





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