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Halo Versus
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 22nd January, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 238
143rd Place     (4 / 5)

Edited By Vertigo on 5/8/2009

Edited By Vertigo on 1/22/2008

This is basicly Halo (for PC and Xbox) made into 2D to play with a friend or brother... It has all the vehicles from the original games (wich are copyrighted by Microsoft). You can choose from 4 levels to play in. Im not that good at programming so the graphics are probably better than the gameplay... Im sorry but thats because I am originally a pixel artist Tell me if you like it or not.

Edit: Made a help button because the controls werent clear

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Posted by [EclektiK] 22nd January, 2008

Woah looks really cool! (Downloadin')
Edit: seriously, the graphics are really nice! I just have a serious problem with the controls...I only know how to move :S
Simple game, but fun!
Comment edited by Eclektik on 1/22/2008
Posted by Vertigo 22nd January, 2008

Dude, check the main menu, the controls are showed there! (Delete, End and Page Down for player 1 and 1 2 and 3 for player 2) I know the controls are weird but its made for the old keyboard wich have delete etc above the arrow keys...

Edit: Made a Help button so you can see the controls better satisfied?
Comment edited by Vertigo on 1/22/2008
Posted by [EclektiK] 22nd January, 2008

Lol sorry I did see what the controls were, but I didnt understand it meant Delete, End, and page down

The graphics are really cool (Chibi-Master Chief ), but the gameplay is simple. I'd suggest to add A.I. Ennemies.
Posted by Vertigo 22nd January, 2008

Yeah I was making a story mode (1 player) before this but the engine got reallly complicates so thats currently paused might redo it from scratch sometime, gotta finish my schmup first
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 23rd January, 2008
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omg I just fell in love with your graphics....


From now on, I love you.

It must be awesome to work on a team where you are the sprite artist! seriously! GOOD!
Posted by Vertigo 23rd January, 2008

lol thanks but im not in a team, game AND sprits made by me
Posted by Lunar Games 24th January, 2008
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love the graphics, it will be fun when i show my friend.
Posted by Vertigo 24th January, 2008

haha yeah, that was the purpose fun for two
Posted by 24th January, 2008
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Very very clever, love the graphics 5 stars!!!!!! You should make a campaige, i'm sure even bungie would be fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it
Posted by 24th January, 2008
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The Controls don't work on my brand new laptop with vista mate, i can move with both master and elite but no joy with transport or fireing i've red the button layout erm.... strange, still the graphics are ace i'm happy just too run arround lol!!!
Posted by Vertigo 25th January, 2008

Yeah I know about that problem... I have a vista laptop myself... might make another "vista version", but I can also change delete end and page down to 8,9 and 0... what would work better?
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 25th January, 2008
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The graphics are great! I just don't like the shooting method ( you used timer?)
Posted by Vertigo 25th January, 2008

yeah... there are a few other ways but in TGF, this one was the best option i think
Posted by Sphax 26th January, 2008
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Pleaaaaseee do not use this bad installer... Use the free version of Install Creator if you really want to build installers or put directly your game in a ZIP or a RAR.
Posted by Sphax 26th January, 2008
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Very nice graphics but a poor gameplay (but with nice ideas).
I hope you'll continue this game and add scrolling with a centered camera.
Posted by Vertigo 26th January, 2008

Dude, storymode has all that, but how would you make a multiplayer game with a scrolling camera :S
Posted by [EclektiK] 26th January, 2008

well, split screen!

Posted by Vertigo 26th January, 2008

Cant do that with TGF still waiting on a friend of mine to send me MMF2 will fix that as soon as I get it
Posted by Lihgylon 5th February, 2008
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Nice graphics, I really liked the Banshee, though the movement is quite basic and obviously default ? , it just seems to work in the 2D pixel world. I think this could go somewhere, just needs more to it.

If you are planning to get a hold of MMF2, I suggest you continue developing this in it.
Posted by MBK 7th February, 2008
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Actually, you can do split-screen in TGF .... I might have the example file somewhere ... but, if not, i'm sure i've seen it before.
Posted by Vertigo 11th February, 2008

show me and yeah movement is default... just made custom gravity but thats about it.
Posted by Velovix 8th July, 2008
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Great Graphics! (that's nothing new)

The controls could be improved, but other than that, koolness!
Posted by moren11 4th December, 2008
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Worth A Click