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Assalor Beta II
Author: Vertigo Submitted: 5th September, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 201

Edited By Vertigo on 9/7/2009

Brief description:
Stratigical game featuring Halo and Warhammer 40K armies.

This is the second Beta for my new game Assalor.
I've improved a lot of things because of the usefull
tips from users on this site.

4 Special attacks
- ODST Soldiers (UNSC)
- Cloaked Swords (Covenant)
- Space Cash (Space Marines)
- Ork Rock Droppah (Orks & Goblins)
Money drops
Special drops

The armies from Halo have special attacks that
are designed to destroy the enemy base, the armies from
Warhammer 40K have specials that are designed to
help you in both offense and defense.

The money drops and special attacks help to
increase the speed of the game

Please tell me what I can improve more, and I will.
Have fun playing!

YouTube: Orks VS Assalor on medium difficulty

P.S. The next version will be harder in difficulty.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 5th September, 2009

This game might as well be turn based because you can only send out one of each type of unit at a time.

Also the special attack for the goblins is almost useless since there are never many enemies on the field to begin with.

It's easy to win this game, just wait until you have enough money to afford both the ground troops then send them out at the same time, rinse and repeat until victory.
Posted by Sketchy 5th September, 2009

I like the changes you've made, but pretty much all my comments on the previous release still apply.

Plus, now that there are money/special drops, the Mongoose is even more of a bargain, what with it being so speedy and all.

The Ork special is not useless - it's the only way you can destroy those jeep things. However, I agree with UrbanMonk in that there you can win very easily with very little strategy.

I still think the level needs to be much bigger.
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th September, 2009

There is no need to kill those jeep things. They do just as much damage to your base as the foot solders do.
Posted by Vertigo 6th September, 2009

First off all, thanks to both of you.

Things I will improve tomorrow:
- Make the mongoose more expensive
- Force the player to use Vehicles
(Maybe I should make all vehicles cheaper?)
- Give Assalor a special that runs over infantry

P.S. The Assalor Truck can be destroyed by
units , but I guess it'll never happen for real
(It has 8 lives)

I still avoid making turrets etc. because it will
mess up the games logic

Keep the help coming and ill see what I can do!
Posted by Sketchy 6th September, 2009

UrbanMonk: It's kind of hypothetical, since it's so easy to win anyway, but it *should* be worth destroying the jeeps if you've just deployed some troops, and they're about to get run down.

Vertigo: At the moment, the tougher vehicles are effectively all the same - they rarely (if ever) get destroyed, and none of them can destroy the jeep things (they're too quick so they just drive right by each other).

The purple guys are getting seriously ripped off IMO, paying 25 for what's basically the same thing the green guys only pay 15 for.

Apart from the Mongoose, none of them are worth using.

The tougher vehicles would actually be much more useful if they were a lot slower. That way you could use them as a shield for your foot soldiers.

If I were you, I'd probably make it so the basic infantry can't fight at all, but can damage the enemy base.
I'd make the elite infantry equivalent to the current basic infantry, and make it so vehicles can't damage the enemy base any more.
That way, vehicles would be better value, but you'd have to use some infantry aswell.

btw, the Orks' special attack doesn't seem to work more than once, even after you pick up the special drop
Posted by Vertigo 6th September, 2009

Thanks Sketchy! I think I am going to make the vehicles slower so they can be used as shield, but I wont remove the weapons from the small infantry. I will also fix the Ork special attack and cheapen the covenants vehicles. If all of these measures doesnt help ill look at your other options. Thanks again Image
<br />

<br />
Edit: I've cheapened all vehicles except the mongoose, I think that works even without slowing them down. In my opinion they should be fast, so they can pick up money and specials. The Ork Special is fixed now.
All changes will be in Beta III.
Comment edited by Vertigo on 9/6/2009
Posted by Vertigo 6th September, 2009

Changes made for the third Beta:
- Cheapened vehicles (except mongoose)
- Fixed the Ork Special (and added 1 more stone)
- Added 1 extra money bag to Space Marine Special
- Made all Difficulty levels harder
( because the specials make it easier to win)

Changes to come for Beta III:
- Earn points to unlock different suits,
for example, Space marines can be changed from
Ultramarines to blood ravens. Points earned depend
on the difficulty level.
- Story Mode (Maybe)
Comment edited by Vertigo on 9/6/2009
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th September, 2009

I'll reply this later when I have time, my comments will be edited in here.





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