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Table Clearer 2
Author: Decal Submitted: 10th September, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

Edited By SolidusSnace on 9/14/2003

Hello my Name is Stian (SoidSnake) This program is tested but u can report bugs on my webpage and there u
can report the/those bug(s) in the guestbook or the Forum ThanX.

This will clean in:

Temp Folder
Temporary Internet Folder
Cookies Folder
Recent Folder
You can add some more folders to clean. And clean a specific file name in a folder. Like: Clean all *.tmp files in C:\Temp.

And you can make a cleaning routine.
When you start windows. clean.

Temp Folder
Temporary Internet Folder
Cookies Folder
Recent Folder

New in V.2:
<-X-> New Design and Style
<-X-> Does not use the "deltree.exe" file to clean.
<-X-> More tidy design
<-X-> Easier to use thanx my new custom deletion (without deltree.exe)
<-X-> Better Cleaning Routine
<-X-> Better,Easier and Safer to use.

I hope u like it.



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Posted by Racko Ovana 16th September, 2003

Good :)
Posted by Sola Jay 16th September, 2003

Nice Program. It's cleaning good too.
Posted by Decal 8th November, 2003

Hey guys. If you think that SolidusSnace is gone, then you're wrong. I've changen my name to SoidSnake. That's my personal name, you know that solidusSnake is from MGS2. Then it fits my web site too, try it:





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