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Secure Serial Registration
Author: Decal Submitted: 1st May, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

Edited By SoidSnake on 5/3/2005

Ive seen someone has requested this so I made a good secure serial number registration. More info below
The example contains 4 cca/apps:
1. Client (the user who wants to registrate his app)
2. The App (the app that needs to be registrated)
3. Server (the server that validate serial numbers)
4. Key generator (generates keys to your app)

This is an example how you can make a secure good and hard crackable serial system.

If you are going to sell apps/games or make apps/games that require registration, then this example may help you.

What does this example do that makes it greate?

The Serial System: The serial numbers are not written down and made that way that following serial will work. I have made a system that generates serialnumbers. You have to input a serial number related to the system. The events in the system are and must be modified the way you want it. You can make events that the first character has to be numbers and the second has to be a letter. Then the third can be random but the fourh has to be a even number while the six character has to be a specified number like 7. Then you can make a system like this.

Then there is a keygenerator that can generate keys. First you have to configure the keygenerator to generate keys that are valid with your app. Then you can click on generate and it will generates a lot of serial numbers that are valid.


Serial Number Validation: Now it will validate the serial number. You have to host a server. When you want to registrate using a seril number then if the serila number is valid it will validate it and check if it has been used before. If the serial number hasnt been used before, then the registration will be successful and the server will add the serial so it cant be used anymore. A serial number can only be used once. So if a guy release a serial number on the internet, then only one person can use it.

After the registratio: After the registration is successful, then it will create a encrypted file containing information about your computer. The encryption key must be changed so nooen knows it. The file will be encrypted so noone can read it. The file will contain information about your computer. So when you start your app/game then it will check that the info in the file match the computer specs.
The reason I made this is to prevent people to copy the whole app/game directory and run the app/game without registration. Now only the one who has registrated the app/game can use it. And the file will only work on his computer.

This is a very secure and good way to keep warez people out of your business.
The bad thing is that it require Internet connection and if he user change his cpu, total ram etc in his computer. Then a new registration is required.

If you dont like the computer specs system. Then you can make something else. But the serial number system and serial validation shouldnt be any problem

Plz put my name in the credits.

Made by: Stian Eikevåg (nick: SoidSnake)

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Posted by Silveraura 2nd May, 2005

Nice idea, but it would be to much of a hassle for people to have to make sure the system requirements to be exact. I mean, the person would basicly have to buy a new copy for every new PC.
Posted by Decal 2nd May, 2005

Yeah. I'll think about that. You can always use some part of the example, such as the way you configure the serial.
Posted by mushi-games 2nd May, 2005

I'm really interested in this, but lycos won't let me get it no matter what I do.
Posted by Decal 3rd May, 2005

Try this:
Posted by mushi-games 3rd May, 2005

Cheers mate, it's is a very good example.
Posted by Decal 4th May, 2005

Posted by Decal 7th November, 2005

The link is fixed





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