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Scratch pad 1.1
Author: Decal Submitted: 9th October, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

Edited By SolidusSnace on 10/10/2003

Scratch pad 1.1

Scratch pad is ęCopyright to me.

This allows you easier to edit ASCII files.
Also in this kinda notepad you can handle non-ASCII files to like rtf

With non-ASCII you can have different size,font and color on the text.
You can have headings etc.
You can also edit ASCII files, like ini etc

It's a inbuilt ini and html functions.
Easy to handle with ini files.

It have two different skins.
1. The windows skins
2. The Scratch pad skins.

Why have two?

Some one have only one custom skins.
Yhe skins maybe doesn't fit in to the users themes or visual styles if the user got Windows XP
If the user only have 95,98,2000 etc.
He can use the scratch pad skins.

What's new?

<-X-> The Scratch pad style.
<-X-> New INI maker. Easier to make ini files-
<-X-> 3 color engines.

1: C/c++ color engine
2: INI color engine
3: HTML color engine.

New in the second version:

<-x-> Associate your files to this program. Like associate txt files to Scratch pad
<-x-> Other stuff.

Feel free to report bugs and suggestions..

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Posted by 88 10th October, 2003

What are you two talking about? Any case this is greate. BTW: Why isn't this in the download section but it is in the menu of maked games by SolidusSnace?
Posted by Decal 10th October, 2003

Updated Scratch pad. 1.1 version is released. What's new? --------------- The Scratch pad skins is finished. Easier to make ini files. 3 color engines. 1: C/C++ color engine 2: INI color engine 3: HTML color engine Enjoy :)
Posted by Dungus 11th October, 2003

Anoher notepad, this are useless. MS Notepad is the correct tool! And there's no bugs and nothing to update. Easy. You suck making notepads...
Posted by Decal 8th November, 2003

Hey guys. If you think that SolidusSnace is gone, then you're wrong. I've changen my name to SoidSnake. That's my personal name, you know that solidusSnake is from MGS2. Then it fits my web site too, try it:





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