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Mvix (Profesional HTML Creator)
Author: Decal Submitted: 14th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 248

Edited By SolidusSnace on 9/25/2003


<-X->MDI (Multiply Documents Interface
<-X->Proffesional Popupmaker
<-x->Many bugs are fixed

Html program. Make proffesional html pages.
Easy to use. U got to try it!
Many functions, including java etc.

PS: This is a complete 1.0 version. (1 bug not dangerous and will not ittitating u)
MviX® ---------- If you gonna make a profesional webpage trough the easiest way is MviX the right program.

Did you know that most powerful html creator is not better then notepad.
With notepad can u make the most powerful and profesional webpage and javascript then ever.
Then why make a html program.
Yes I gonna tel you that: That's because we will make it easier for you.
Notepad is the most hardest program to make html page.
The intention to make a html program is to make it easier to other peoples.

This program has follow functions:

<-X-> MDI (Multiply Documents Interface
<-X-> Color for tags (<tag> and attributes (="attribute")
<-X-> Page Properties. Background,text,link,active link,visited lin color etc
<-X-> Tables. Easiest way to make a table
<-X-> Insert Text Dialog. Thousands of functions.
<-X-> Color Dialog. Easies way to inser color. Select color or write in Hex or RGB code.
<-X-> Insert Picture. Standard and Advanced mode/functions
<-X-> Insert Link Standard and Advanced Specified Functions
<-X-> Meta Tags. Insert Meta Tags. Easy to use
<-X-> CSS. Insert StuleSheets to your webpage.
<-X-> Bookmark. It's too easy to insert bookmark.
<-X-> Specified advanced features, like insert ActiveX Controls etc
<-X-> Make a custom scrollbar. Change the colors.
<-X-> Easy to insert comments
<-X-> Forms. Insert a button,edit box or a list box etc
<-X-> Rollover Image. When mouse is over picture,it will change picture.
<-X-> Java Applets. Now easy insert Java Applets.
<-X-> Messages. Insert a Messages box.
<-X-> Insert Date and Time
<-X-> Hotkeys. When clicking ctrl + 1 insert e.g br
<-X-> A Plugin System.
<-X-> Built in Browser and Default Web Browser Preview.
<-X-> Proffesional Popupmaker
<-X-> Many other features
<-X-> TRY IT OUT!!!

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Posted by Galaxy613 15th September, 2003

you know, iPublish is better and iPublish is soon going to cover C also #include #define is_going_to_cover_C 1 void main(void){ int ipublish = 1; if(ipublish == is_going_to_cover_C) print("AAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"); }
Posted by Decal 15th September, 2003

It's just an alpha version. Just see the program.
Posted by Decal 15th September, 2003

The print will i repair soon as possible, but the preview is working here Every one that not has the activex: Microsoft ImageList Control, version 5.0 (SP2). It will now be fixed
Posted by Decal 15th September, 2003

This is just a aplpha version. And i will be very gald if you can reports all the bugs u found. Thank u all. :)
Posted by Andos 15th September, 2003

I don't like to flame people but i must say you have stolen some things from HTML Forge wich i don't like doing in a way like this! I must ask you to change your icons and use your own style instead. Doesn't this look a little funny?: I know you edit my icons and redid the table maker but it's still a design. I could take you to court with this but i whon't. Just don't steal by work ok? I have copyright on this...
Posted by Andos 15th September, 2003

Things you also stole the design from: Hex color insert The way Meta tags work Link to CSS Hotkey's dialog. I have nothing agains someone making a html app that has some smaller things that look like my HTML Forge but this is just too much! It's a steal of HTML Forge...
Posted by Kris 15th September, 2003

Oh yeah, that's really similar...
Posted by J.J 15th September, 2003

Crap..... it chrashed.... it said somthing about registry..... shit...
Posted by The Chris Street 15th September, 2003

iPublish was at the convention. It looked absolutely amazing, and no offense, but will wipe the floor with both HTML Forge and this clone.
Posted by Decal 16th September, 2003

New Design i Table Maker and Background Setup and Hex color insert The way Meta tags work Link to CSS Hotkey's dialog. Icons Changed. ---------------------------------------------------- Reply to J.J: The Registry may be the activex. The active x is now removed. :)
Posted by ViruZ 16th September, 2003

Now the program work with me:) But still it's a little buggy, try out Tr1xy's web page maker (It nearly doesn't got any bug at all) Du reklamerer hos meg eg reklarer hos deg :P
Posted by Racko Ovana 16th September, 2003

This is Good. Impressive. Good work. This is professional and easy to use! Keep up the good work :)
Posted by gizmo 16th September, 2003

Argh!!!! Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #1 >> make window resizeable!!!!!!! #2 >> Add tooltips to your buttons!!! (i changed my font colour and formatting 3 times before i found the insert hex box :P) #3 >> It dosent prompt if you make changes and close/new/open a document!!!! fix this. #4 >> Inserting a 7x5 table results in bits being chopped off the end. To be really honest i dont think its a professional editor (and this isnt me being an ass and loving my own creation) but bits are cut off, or look odd. The html colouring is buggy (is there actually a colour engine)? Some handy things, but the lack of assistance on what each thing does sorta confses me with the small icons. Note to people making apps: Make a help file BEFORE you properly release something, demos o.k. but a final, no help? People need assistance with software. I made iPublish and dont know a lot of the stuff on this without clicking "just to see" make it a little more userfriendly and less technical to navigate.
Posted by gizmo 16th September, 2003

Edit, whoops i didnt realise it was an alpha XD sorry for the last comment, but when you finish it please make a help file :)
Posted by Sola Jay 16th September, 2003

It's good. Those things gizmostripe list up would be fine if u make, but i will say that this is professional. :)
Posted by Decal 16th September, 2003

I'm working all the time on it. And in the complete version some new features will be made. To Every One: This is an alpha and it's released to test and find bugs for me. To gizmostripe: #1 >> OK! #2 >> Done! #3 >> Working on it. #1 >> OK! ------------------------ I'm now working on a help file! :) Thank u all
Posted by Decal 23rd September, 2003

New Update. Now taking 1.07mb ---------------------------------- Tooltips Prompt when close/new/open ----------------------------- I keep working on MviX. A good help system will be made. Resizeable window will be made. Better table ---------------------------- BTW: The link is working
Posted by Decal 23rd September, 2003

The Table and Rollover Image is working. U can get the whole text. It's not cutted.
Posted by Decal 25th September, 2003

Fixed a lot bugs. New: <-X-> MDI (Multiply Documents Interface) <-X-> Proffesional Popup Maker
Posted by DEC Stuff 25th September, 2003

Why you gotta put him down. I would choose notepad over ipublish any day of the week!
Posted by Decal 26th September, 2003

What do you mean? Why put the link down? REPLY TO MY SELF: ======================== BTW: The link is working ======================== That's because i deleted the old version for uploading the new, then i had some problem with the uploading but it's working now. ============================ I would choose notepad over ipublish any day of the week! ============================ Why would u choose notpad over ipublish? I publish is better and easier to use.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 1st November, 2003

umm, this says it's version 1.00 in the main article part, and this is bad Hypermark will have supreme 1337N355
Posted by Decal 5th November, 2003

???. What do you mean amnesiasoft?
Posted by Decal 8th November, 2003

Hey guys. If you think that SolidusSnace is gone, then you're wrong. I've changen my name to SoidSnake. That's my personal name, you know that solidusSnake is from MGS2. Then it fits my web site too, try it:





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