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RegCope (Preview Version)
Author: Decal Submitted: 7th November, 2005 Favourites:0
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RegCope - Program

This is a Preview Version of the program
It is not user friendly so far.
Maybe hard to use for some people and alot of things are missing.
The Name and Registration key system is unavailable in this preview version.

This is just a preview of the program.

No Help file (except this one)
is included in this preview version.

What is RegCope?

RegCope is a program that allows you to make secure software registration for your software easy to protect it against warez.
You will be able to select what language for the registration wizard and make your own language file for your language easy with the Language Editor.

You will be able to make Product Registrations system and generate keys for them afterwards.

You can choose between 3 different system:

1. System based Product Key
2. Manual based Product key
3. Name based Product key (unavailable)

1. System Based Product key

This system will allow you to make a 25 characters product key which is hard to hack even theres thousands of valid registration keys.
You will be able to program your own system for the product key so you will be able to generate valid product keys.
You can make a specific event for each of the 25 characters to make it uniqe.
When you have made an event to all of the 25 characters the user have to type in a 25 characters product key where all of the characters have to match the event for each character.

The events you can choose from are:

1 = Value (numbers)
2 = String (text)
3 = Specified Value
4 = odd number
5 = even number
6= odd string (same as odd number. But its letters instead of numbers)
7 = even string (same as even number. But its letters instead of numbers)
8= Random Char/Number

Then you give every character an event listed above.
If you give the first character the event (1 Value) and the second one (2 String)
then the third character (8 Random) and the 4th character (3 Specified value which you choose to be 9)

Then the first number must be a value (from 0 - 9)
and the second character must be a letter (A, B , C +++)
The third character can be whatevery you want it to be
and the 4th character must be 9 and only 9. And so on.

So a valid key will be: 4GJ9.......... and so on.

Then you have to make a specific evnet for each of the 25 characters.

2. Manual Based Product key

This method has less product keys but are easier for you to create.
You simply add your own Product Keys by your self
You write down a 25 characters product key and click "ADD"
Then the product keys you've added will be valid.
All other combinations that are not in the list will be invalid product keys.
If you add 100 different product keys there will only be 100 different valid product keys.

3. Manual Based Product key



Server Product Key Registrations.

You will be able to turn on a feature called "Online (Operating with a server)"
This means, that after the user has typed in a valid product key it needs to be registrated.
The User MUST have an active internet connections for some seconds in order to register the software.

When the user has typed in a valid product key it will start to connect to the server.
If the product key is registrated and are already stored in the server an error message will show that the Product key is in use and has already been registrated. The user must then write in a new product key.

If the user write in a valid registration key and the registration key is not registred to the server.
Then the server will registrate the product key and the Registration will be successful.
But the user cannot registrate the product key anymore.

Once the product key is registrated it cannot be registrated anymore.
The server owner can delete registration keys so that the registration key can be used again or it can add Product Keys to the server list so people cant registrate their software with that valid registration key.

The Server owner can shut down the program and the computer and then the server owner wont loose the registrated product keys.
It will be stored in a file.

The server owner can stop and start the server anytime the server owner wants to.

This Feature can be turned off but then people can registrate multiple software on multiple computers with the same product key.

Preview Version??

This version misses some feature and small changes.
The "Name Based system" is unavailable.

The Design will change (the registration wizard design)

It will be more userfriendy

A complete PDF guide with pictures will be made.
It will be a guide for every features.

After you have clicked save i will make a new window where it says its completed and you can open the output folder etc etc

Alot more small changes


After you have clicked "Save" wait some seconds to ensure that the registration software is saved and then click on Exit.
I will make a saving bar and a new window where it says its completed and you can open the output folder etc etc

The compiled files will be stored in the output folder.
There are all the files that the registration wizard needs.

All the saves will be stored in the "saves" folder.
You can then open "txt"s and see yor added product keys (Manual based)
and you can open the INI files with the KeyGen and generate keys (System based)


All of the files in the output folder are heavily encrypted and secured.
The traffic between the client (registration wizard) and the server will be heavily encrypted.

All of the saved files in the saves folder are not encrypted. It isnt that necessary but I will make it for those who need that.
I will make a password protected login for this program that you can turn on and off if you want to.


This is only a Preview Version


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Posted by Simon Colmer 9th November, 2005

nice idea, the only thing i think you should do is impliment this into a PHP script as not many people can host their own servers!!
Nice going though
Posted by Decal 9th November, 2005

Thanks for the Idea. Ill try that.






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