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24 (ONLINE Vitalize)
Author: Decal Submitted: 13th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 245

This is a game of the TV serie 24
U playing Jack Bauer and must desarm the nuclear bomb.
When u've finished, kill'em all.
Many soldiers try to kill you. This is kinda point plank.

While Repeating holding space: Hide

When u are empty of bullets. Then hide and reload.

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Posted by Pete Nattress 14th September, 2003

this is awful. hang your head in shame; you've defouled 24.
Posted by Decal 15th September, 2003

This is just a Vitalize game, and must not take the big space. Therefore i need to change the story a big bit :)
Posted by Racko Ovana 16th September, 2003

Greate Vitalize Game. :)
Posted by Sola Jay 16th September, 2003

Good, and funny to play.
Posted by eX Com 18th September, 2003

i completely agree with pete
Posted by )Daniel_Fyren( 20th September, 2003

This game is funny I like it. Har fått ny nick Stian...
Posted by Blargh 19th October, 2003

Hey Pete, y can't u shut up 4 once? This game is funny, u hang ur head in shame for defouling all the Petes in the world, and also for being so familiar to a mattress :P
Posted by Decal 20th October, 2003

ThanX Michael R.
Posted by Decal 8th November, 2003

Hey guys. If you think that SolidusSnace is gone, then you're wrong. I've changen my name to SoidSnake. That's my personal name, you know that solidusSnake is from MGS2. Then it fits my web site too, try it:
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 25th May, 2004

Ack, Solidsnake, you have some awful games, and theres always a stupid reason why they aren't awful. Geez.





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