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Trial Time Example
Author: Decal Submitted: 14th May, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

Well this is an example that show how to make a Trial Time Application/Game without the Trial Object (Pro Only)
Info is encrypted by blowfish. The app will expire when it has been 15 days since first time used.

Can people hack this?
Well it is encrypted so they cant modify the ini file, but if they delete the ini file then the time will start all over with 15 days left trial time.

Thats because i have only made the basics of the example, and the second reason is that you can delete the file and test the app again and again and over again.

A tip how to make it secure is described in a string in the example.

I hope you like it

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Posted by Joshua M. 15th May, 2005

Isn't there a 'trail object' for MMF?
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 15th May, 2005

He said "Application/Game without the Trial Object (Pro Only)"
Posted by Joshua M. 15th May, 2005

Oh ok.
Posted by Decal 15th May, 2005

Yeah. I made this for people who doesnt dont have MMF Pro
Posted by Joshua M. 15th May, 2005

Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 15th May, 2005

I just checked this out. The only place i can see you said something about preventing the INI file from getting deleted was where you said we could hide it. Saving to the windows directory is a sure method of getting people to instantly delete your app. And it doesnt take more then a search for the recent created files to find it.
Posted by Decal 15th May, 2005

Yeah. I wrote about it inside the app in the frame. Heres what i wrote: ------------------------------------------------------ Well heres ONE method to make the app secure. You can make 2 files and a registry key. This ini file which has to include information, which will be the timestamp of the first time the app was started. This info must not be changed later on. The other file and the registry key must include the same info. It all files and the registry key match, then the app can run perfectly, if one file of the file or the registry doesnt match the others, then error message and terminate the process. What now? Well you should also include information about how many days it was left so you can fix the file that was deleted. So it can run perfectly again. But if the user find all files and registry keys and delete them, then the app will start all over again. You can think about methods that will prevent these things like this. This is only ONE method. You can always find another method. ------------------------------------------------------
Posted by Jub 16th May, 2005

You can do this with INI, although, it can be edited....
Posted by Decal 17th May, 2005

Well, i am doing it with INI. And ini is editable as long as it is not crypted. These INI file is crypted and cant be modefied as long as you delete the ini file. If they edit the INI file, the whole INI will be unreadable and app terminate!
Posted by amehrban 27th August, 2005

uhh the download link is dead :(
Posted by Decal 7th November, 2005

The link is fixed





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