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Russian Roulette 2
Author: Decal Submitted: 25th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 187

Edited By SoidSnake on 11/7/2005

Russian RouletteŽ

Ver 2.0
This game has lot's of new features.
This game is a risk game.
This Game contains blood and killing.

This game is based on the game Russian Roulette.
Russian Roulette is a dangerous game where you got a gun that can carry six
bullets in it's revolver and only one bullet is inserted. Then you can decide
if you want to pull the trigger or not. The bullet may be fired or not.
The chance to die is 1 to 6.

Press Space to pull the trigger or press escape to surrender.
If you pull the trigger and survive you will add 1000 to your account.
If you surrender then you will loose 1000 from your money account.

You will start with 10000$.
You will be playing wiht 3 other CPU's. They will pull the trigger and survive/die or

surrender. It depends.

The point is to get the highest score.
To get the higest score you need to have a protion of luck and
you have to pull the trigger instead of surrender.

You can enter your score in the highscore.

This version got much better graphics and a Options.
And it got a point.
It's like poker, you need a portion of luck to win the game
And the people doesn't look like clones anymore.
Now the point is to beat the highscore.

And Online support will be made soon!
What's New in version 2

* Highscore
* Each People wear different clothes.
* New Blood
* You can turn on and of Blood
* You can press Enter to reduce the decision time for the CPU's
* You can turn on "Auto reduce time" then they will not use more then 2 secs to decide.
* Better graphics. A new room with windows and a better startmenu.
* Much More!

What will be made in version 3
LAN/Online support.
You can play with other person on the internet or over a Local Area Network.

And Much more.


SoidSnakeŠ 2004

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Posted by The Chris Street 25th May, 2004

When you make version 3, just edit this download, rather than post a whole new one.
Posted by Dark One 25th May, 2004

meh...I'll try this one and see if it's any good, but you need to make that gun a revolver lol...
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 25th May, 2004

Ack, this game is just as bad! The character MODELS ARE STILL THE SAME! (they just have different shirts) The stupid table sprite is the same, and the gun sprite that looks nothing like any of the graphics! Gragh! Waste of 3mbs!
Posted by Shadow99 25th May, 2004

Yahoo! The sequel that noone asked for!!!
Posted by Max 25th May, 2004

"Lycos Tripod is undergoing maintenance. Due to a technical maintenance process, Lycos Tripod members' pages are not available at the moment. Please try again later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Your Lycos Tripod Team." It must be a sign that I really shouldn't download that game again, I guess. :p
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 25th May, 2004

u have to copy and paste it into the address bar... i had the same problem... And it was a sign 'don't play this game!' but i took no notice and i regreted taking no notice... i've confussled myself :S
Posted by ChrisB 25th May, 2004

It's a shame it's so boring and mundane. I mean, we can't even poke fun at rubbish foetus-shaped pixel art and crappy gameplay, because it's... so boring. :(
Posted by danjo 25th May, 2004

talk about an ignoramous. we all said we didnt like your game. put it away.
Posted by Decal 26th May, 2004

The link works for me the normally way :)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th May, 2004

Are we allowed to say 'bollocks' on this site?
Posted by Jamesbuc 26th May, 2004

actually this is better than the other one but It would be nice if a) choice of women and men players b) bodies to stay after dead c) Reasons to play (eg unlocking mini-games) d) differnt types of people (eg wimps, madmen, normal)
Posted by Jamesbuc 26th May, 2004

oh yeah and MORE BLOOD!
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 26th May, 2004

I'll say this again: Crap, crap crappity crap crap crap.
Posted by ChrisB 26th May, 2004

Trevor: If not, we should throw our chairs into the office windows until they grant us that right
Posted by ThePodunkian 26th May, 2004

Uh, okay, you do realize that playing Russian Roulette without a revolver is really stupid, right? The whole point of using a revolver is that you can spin the cylinder. With a pistol like the ones you have in your game, you're guaranteed a bullet in the head unless your gun either jams or you run out of ammo. Or if your safety is on.
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 26th May, 2004

What Pod said.
Posted by MisterBull 27th May, 2004

quiet actiually, I'm sure you had good ideas for this game.. but you really need to focus on the fun aspects.. it seems you did put a little effort into the meshes of these 'virtual' men, but I'd suggest not using 3D figures, hand drawn images would probably look more animated, and not so stiff.. but what could be worked on is the background.. the room looks like it's been pixel meshed (what 3D meshes look like in Q-Basic programing)the blood.. or should I say 'gore' of this game isnt all that realistic... Just try to do more with this game, and try to make it worth while DONT rush it... the more the work you put into it.. the better it will be
Posted by ncsoftware 27th May, 2004

Please don't bother to make v3, we don't want it.
Posted by Tom Alder 27th May, 2004

ur games r 2 big. + it ddint even download 4 me and im on broadband. good stuff {laugh}
Posted by MisterBull 27th May, 2004

if ever a V3... just keep in mind.... make better images, dont make things overly repetitive... And focus on making the game all the more fun (if possible, humor us) Okay.. *sees everyone glairing at him* ... Gotta run ;;o.o
Posted by tdc052621 28th May, 2004

worse than the first one, in the first one i only liked the stupid quotes they this has gone too far and i have to say that this is the WORST GAME EVER!
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

not 0% anymore {cry}
Posted by Decal 7th November, 2005

The link is fixed





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