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Russian Roulette
Author: Decal Submitted: 24th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 183

Russian Roulette®

Ver 1.0

This game is a risk game.
This Game contains blood and killing.

This game is based on the game Russian Roulette.
Russian Roulette is a dangerous game where you got a gun that can carry six
bullets in it's revolver and only one bullet is inserted. Then you can decide
if you want to pull the trigger or not. The bullet may be fired or not.
The chance to die is 1 to 6.

Press Space to pull the trigger or press escape to surrender.
If you pull the trigger and survive you will add 1000$ to your account.
If you surrender then you will loose 1000$ from your money account.

You will start with 10000$.
You will be playing wiht 3 other CPU's. They will pull the trigger and survive/die or surrender. It depends.

The Last one will win!
What will be made in version 2
LAN/Online support.
You can play with other person on the internet or over a Local Area Network.

Better graphics.

And Much more.


SoidSnake© 2004

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Posted by Decal 24th May, 2004

To the Review ------------------------ This is a Russian Roulette Gang. They Play all the time until they die. They have to wear the Russian Roulette gang clothes and the same hair style. They got say the same line everytime. Thats their way to play. It's a tradition to wait ca 10 secs before they pull the trigger or surrender. The walls is boring because they playing this in a old shack. And the gun on the table is definitely bought on a weapon store and looks very familiar to those who often buys guns. But nowadays, cloning is very cool. Just ask SoidSnake2 and SoidSnake3. They know it. Thanks
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 24th May, 2004

Uh, sorry, but this game was turd.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th May, 2004

Thank you for pointing out the reasons behind the things I mentioned - but they just don't translate well in to a game.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 24th May, 2004

Dude... I respect you and all... BUT WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Posted by Danny Boy 24th May, 2004

Wong Chung Bang: What's wrong with the instalation? I tought it looked pro...
Posted by Decal 24th May, 2004

hehe. edited the MviX 1.2 installer source. But someone got to make a game like this. Everybody can't make the same game everybody (Platform,RPG,Adventure etc) :)
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 24th May, 2004

Yeah, but you could translate it so that its actually good, and they don't say oh no poo don't shoot me mr.gun before they die. I mean jesus Snake.
Posted by Decal 24th May, 2004

Thats what they think inside. They can't take it. It's not easy to pull a trigger where you may be shot or not.
Posted by Simon Colmer 24th May, 2004

um, ok this is very strange they seem to all surrent accept 1 that died and i always win?
Posted by Danny Boy 24th May, 2004

Posted by ChrisB 24th May, 2004

Well.. what a pointless game. Why would it be in any way interesting or enjoyable? o_O
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 24th May, 2004

Don't people usually play Russian Roulette with a revolver?
Posted by Max 24th May, 2004

Just not very good at all. The graphics are pretty uninteresting and the gameplay just isn't interesting neither, you basically just press two keys. Seeing the people mumbling their "I'm gonna die, help me God" themed dialogue over and over again between the too long time interval is tiring like hell. Games are about making something which is fun to play, not going for absolute realism. I've seen pretty good Russian Roulette games around the Internet, but this game ain't one of them. Try harder next time.
Posted by danjo 24th May, 2004

A SICK STUPID ATTEMPT to try and capture what the hand game had. you may as well saved yourself the trouble and not even started this.
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

um... interesting
Posted by Cybermaze 25th May, 2004

This IS a rather bad game. Its not as much the graphics or the slow pace, its more the mistakes. First of all it should of course be a revolver they are using. Whats with the money and surrender? You cannot surrender and still participate money or not. Money is useless if you die next time. No, what you should do is quit the money and if you surrender youre out of the game. Also a very big mistake. If we have pulled the trigger 5 times without anyone died, RELOAD THE WEAPON! Its amazingly stupid that they continue playing with "oh help god" when even an idiot can figure out the bullet must be in the last chamber.
Posted by Decal 25th May, 2004

If you have seen a movie where they play this game they reload everytime after a man have pulled the trigger. It should have been a revolver :P. But it's hard to make one in Cinema. Easier with a gun. And the money is just for risking like poker. You will win the money or die. If you have a portion of luck you will get the money. Ver 2 will be better. Thanks :)
Posted by ncsoftware 25th May, 2004

Sickening that's all this is, this community is getting worse by the day....
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 23rd June, 2004

Hey how can play Russian Roulette with pistol? Pistol cant have empty slots. And hey where did you copy that guys... The only pro here is that installer :D





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