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Jewel Fever
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 5th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 150

Edited By Kisguri on 05/05/2006

Get ready for Feverish and frenzied Puzzle Action in "Jewel Fever" Rotate the Jewels as they fall into place, Connect three or more in a row to clear them away! As you progress watch for new Jewels to be introduced that effect the Board in one way or another!

With over 16 Jewel types and endless increasing difficulty Jewel Fever is assured to challange even the best puzzlers, Looking for a even greater challenge switch to Four mode, making the minimum connection four jewels in a row! Also try 2 player mode and try to beat a friend!

This is our 1st game done for Xing Interactive a international Retail Distributor, This is a Demo of the game they will be promoting in several Markets world wide, The demo has no feature limits but a 20 minute play time limitation. Please check the game out and let us know what you think!

-Chris "Kisguri" Carson

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Posted by Isbeorn 5th May, 2006

This looks and feels very professional. Good work!

But I think I discovered a bug: I can't say for sure when it happened but the incoming jewels started going in behind those already positioned without colliding, all the while an explosion sound looping. When the jewels reached the bottom, they swapped positions with what was there from the beginning, the old jewels flying away at constant speed out of the frame. And it was running really slow when this happened.
Posted by Sam Dillard 5th May, 2006

What level were you at?
Posted by Mruqe 6th May, 2006

Nice! Buuuut... It would be a good idea to keep the price low
Posted by Kisguri 6th May, 2006

Thanks for the comments Mruqe!, We aren't selling this version, The folks at Xing will be setting the price.. So hopefully their experience will serve them to price it correctly, Glad you liked it!
Posted by cybertronic 6th May, 2006

good graphic
Posted by Isbeorn 6th May, 2006

I would guess I was at third or fourth. Not sure though.
Posted by steve 6th May, 2006

Great work! Thumbs Up
I couldnt find any problems or bugs when I played.
I think this could be a very good year for clickgames.
Posted by vortex2 7th May, 2006

Great game! The only thing about it is that I was able to get a score of 8653 just by moving the gems down into the spot with the least gems I didn't change the order of the gems at all and I was ending up with x5 and x6 combos O_o.
Posted by Kisguri 8th May, 2006

You should go to Options and Try it on hard mode, forcing you to connect four instead of three gems for a minimum which makes it quite harder!
Posted by Hayo 8th May, 2006

I like this, good job! I hope it will do really well.
Posted by izac 9th May, 2006

Great job! Thumbs up!

It looks and feels professional.
And theres NO fualts to be found!
But there was ONE thing i noticed while changing the settings in the options screen, when i go back to the main menu, the music stops and starts over.

But apart from that, it's a great game! keep up the good work!
Posted by Aaron Tomko 9th May, 2006

Nice game Kisguri, very professional. Well done puzzle games are a hard find at times but usually worth the search. In this case, quite so. Definitely one of the more addictive puzzle games I have for PC.
Posted by Jub 10th May, 2006

Found a bug, which is why I gave it a thumbs down.
The blocks are floating.
Other than that, this games reminds me of Puyo Puyo.
Posted by Kisguri 10th May, 2006

Did it occur after you had maxed you combo meter? Adn then it destroyed all the regular bricks?
Posted by izac 10th May, 2006

This game is impressive!
Posted by Jub 11th May, 2006

Dunno. I was just stacking. The games good, but the bug is annoying=P. Maybe I was abit unfair. Oh well, that's life.
Posted by izac 15th May, 2006

wow... no comments for 3 days. this site must be lonely
Posted by HOSJ 18th May, 2006

From the screenshots, looks a lot like Kirby's avalanche.
Posted by Kisguri 18th May, 2006

Never played it, any good? (Kirby's avalance)
Posted by Fadex 20th May, 2006

Eh... expensive...
But really good
Posted by Kisguri 22nd May, 2006

How is the game Expensive when they haven't even released a price yet?





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