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Mazeman Mania
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 20th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 93

How deep does the rabbit hole go...

One fine spring day Mazeman was out enjoying the great weather taking a stroll, Alas those pesky spectres had other plans, they have removed a warning post from a sink hole, and yep you guess it Mazeman falls in, travel through 20 worlds deeper in deeper to find a way out, while at the same time avoiding those annoying spectres!

Looking forward to your Comments!

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Posted by Tim 20th July, 2007

wow, someone's been busy

Posted by JustinC 21st July, 2007

haha,, spectres =P
Posted by Kisguri 21st July, 2007


Posted by DaVince 21st July, 2007

This reminds me of that one very polished Pacman click game. It had big levels and stuff, and looked better than this.
Posted by danjo 21st July, 2007

he did ask me for mine. i guess he just went and copied something like it.
/me takes a looksee
Posted by danjo 21st July, 2007

some really bad bugs chris. pac on the 1.5 level just wanders off anywhere and looses maze. also on any level, when pac gets killed on respwan, he disapears forever. (just die then dont move let "spectre" kill you)
AI not really good, and maze design is terrible.
the display over non-scroll maze covers pills/path !?!

did you just ask someone to play my game and just copy something like it - but not too close. i notice its called what you wanted me to change mine to aswell.

you'll definently have to fix the game-killer bugs tho.
Posted by Kisguri 22nd July, 2007

No I didn't try to copy yours my friend!, I had a week and 1/2 window to deliver something to the Distributor and he got what he asked for, I completely agree it is no where as polished as your awesome game, but I did what I could with the time allowed, But as you mentioned before in our e-mails the amount offered wasn't that great, I assume the bug you mention was during the transition to the upper level, I totally forgot about it, thanks for the reminder!






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