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Flame Object
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 12th September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 725
Game of the Week Winner

With the Flame Object you can now create awesome looking effects in your Multimedia Fusion 2 app with ease. Create Flames, Fireballs, Waterfalls, Shimmering Light, Plasma, Scanner Lines, Smoke and more with this powerful object and some of your imagination! Flame Object comes complete with a Gradient Maker and a full library of pre-made effects to drop into your app!

Free for Commercial and Freeware Use

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Posted by maVado 13th September, 2007

@ Phizzy

Install to c:\yourcoolfolderhere

copy files to a save location


copy files to MMF2 dir.

Be creative "Dude"
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2007

Phizzy, you have recieved a warning.
Posted by Kisguri 13th September, 2007

"Don't Make me Install Extensions"


"OMG LMFAO DUDE Give a zip alternative so you're not cluttering up my registry with needless shit. "


"Thanks for the nonsense fag."

After reading these posts of yours, your right, I apologize your are a victim and you the nicest guy in the world, please accept my apology for thinking being called a "Fag" or referring to the flame object's installer as Shit as anything then polite!

But what do I know I am nothing but a Cheese Merchant anyways....

Posted by LIJI 13th September, 2007

Kisguri ignore Phizzy, we all know how cool you are.
Posted by Ski 13th September, 2007

I can't wait to see someone make a dragon breathe fire with this
Posted by Cazra 13th September, 2007

impressive. It seems to run slow on a few examples though. Namely the fire department one.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2007

Calling Kisguri a fag for no reason justifies the warning. Keep the attitude up and you'll eventually get warned/banned yet again. And insulting me as "unintelligent" doesn't curry any favour with me either.
Posted by Del Duio 13th September, 2007

I thought this was a flame object, not a flame war!

Is there any chance of this extension working with MMF1.5? I didn't think so, but if you never ask..
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2007

Oh wait, you called Kisguri unintelligent, but still, the same thing applies.
Posted by Kisguri 13th September, 2007

I can release the 1.5 version if you guys wish!
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2007

Its not his fault you called him a fag.
Posted by Brovic 13th September, 2007

Nice but the problem with that extension is that it is a cpu killer. I get 100% cpu with a basic flame while I saw a best one at 0% cpu ( )

It you could include that one engine in your extension that would be a definitive killer extension.
Posted by Reno 13th September, 2007


Give a zip alternative so you're not cluttering up my registry with needless shit."

Why dont you get the actual extensions from someone who already installed it instead of complaining to the people who brought such a geat extension?

Posted by Simon Colmer 13th September, 2007

Woooh, it rocks!
Posted by Tim 13th September, 2007

Kisguri should be given his administrative rights back for a minute or two, just for fun
Posted by Kisguri 13th September, 2007

LOL Now thats Funny!

Anyone come up with a new Effect yet?
Posted by Ski 13th September, 2007

No but can you make a dragon please?
Posted by Spiriax 13th September, 2007

This is incredible. Thanks Kisguri, you rock!!!
Posted by AndyUK 13th September, 2007

People do dislike installers and it would be nice to include a non installer version.

Everyone shouldn't disagree just because it's phizzy making the point here.

If you actually read the comments you'll find that Kiguri was trying to be clever. Yet once again apparently Phizzy is being rude.

Which in this case appears to be a retaliation.
Posted by Ski 13th September, 2007

Kisguri is probably just wise to Phizzy. Kisguri has quite obviously worked his ass off on this object if you don't like the installer, tough crap, I guess.
Posted by AndyUK 13th September, 2007

Well i've just tried it and i like the effects. The water fall one is rather good, it would be great if it was slower (the waterfall one i mean.)
Posted by Kisguri 14th September, 2007

No I did not Code it, But I helped with Design and Testing, about three people of worked on it, including people at Clickteam trying to Optimize, Does that make this a PR exercise?
Posted by Kisguri 14th September, 2007

has anyone used the gradient maker? was it useful if you did?
Posted by Del Duio 14th September, 2007

And please release a 1.5 version! I'd love to see this effect in Hasslevania.

Yes, me too!

Quite by coincidence, the next part of the game I'm working on involves a campfire in a fort. I could use this very object for the fire! Of course, it might make the rest of my fire things I already have look like crap

Sure, if it's not too hard to make, I'd d/l a 1.5 version and try it out for sure. Hopefully it's not too hard to use. I couldn't get the particle extension to work right for me, but I didn't try it out for very long either.

Posted by - Yelnek - 14th September, 2007

Yes yes yes!
Version 1.5 Pluuuueaseeeeee!
Posted by LIJI 14th September, 2007

Phizzy if you don't like installers then it's your problem.
Kisguri - I used Gradient Maker, it's good and simple
Posted by »xerus 14th September, 2007

I also hate installers for things that only contain one or two files. I hate installers in general actually. And the link is dead and I'm sad.
Posted by Ski 14th September, 2007

Works fine for me.
Posted by CsaR 15th September, 2007

This looks cool. Please make a 1.5 version as the other said. I would also prefer to skip the installer but if you feel like you have to then go ahead.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 15th September, 2007

omg guys take a chill pill ffs...

Phizzy doesn't like instalers, as I don't! As so many people don't!

but that's not the problem. the problem is that you keep atackign each others for o aparent reason!

just relax! be happy!
Posted by bhlaab 15th September, 2007

yeah but seriously just put them in a zip file next time

i mean cool you could afford install maker but just put them in a zip file its easier for everyone including you

this goes for EVERY DOWNLOAD
Posted by DaVince 15th September, 2007

What the fuck is going on here?
Posted by Ski 15th September, 2007

People are arguing and you, young man, are swearing. Tsk tsk.
Posted by steve 16th September, 2007

Thumbs up!

Posted by Andrew Barontini 16th September, 2007

awesome addon!
Posted by Peblo 17th September, 2007

can I get into the argument or is it too late?
Posted by Peblo 17th September, 2007

Nice extension btw, I installed MMF just to try it out. I agree with all the above. Please make a zip... and fighting over something so petty as someone calling you names or an installer isn't very becoming.
Posted by LIJI 18th September, 2007

Installers for official MMF2 extensions are made to stop piracy, as it checks your serial from the registry.
And this explains the people crying "hey i dled the bonus pack but it wont instal plz hlppp".
Posted by Peblo 18th September, 2007

Mm, whatever, if the extension developer actually cares if the MMF2 is pirated or not then that can be their choice.
Posted by Kisguri 19th September, 2007

Well by default I care if the MMF copy is pirated or not! as its part of the Swearing in I under went going to work for Clickteam, HOWEVER honestly I put it in Installer because I had to put the following files in certain places

1.The Extensions themselves of course
2.Added Flame Gradients and Preset Flame Objects to Library
3.Added the Demo File and Open source to the Examples folder
4.Added the Gradient Maker also the Examples Folder

this way it all integrates easily to the MMF install folder....

Anyone make a new Effect yet, not in the examples?
Posted by DaVince 19th September, 2007

Does the installer add an uninstall thing to the software list? Because I wouldn't want that, it only clutters up my software list.
Posted by Peblo 20th September, 2007

=/ They swear you in at clickteam?
Posted by Hempuli 23rd September, 2007

On both Gradient calculator and Flame object, all I've got is the example but the .mfx-file isn't anywhere.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 25th September, 2007

you're a very clever man kisguri, did anyone ever tell you that?
Posted by Kisguri 25th September, 2007

My wife tells me I am A Dumb well you know the rest
Posted by Torava 30th September, 2007

Good extension, but very slow. If you release a 1.5 version, you must make it faster.
Posted by Torava 1st October, 2007

I meant a 1.5 version of Flame Object.
Posted by Fish20 25th December, 2007
Rated :

Maybe for once you should do something "intelligent" and fix the link! Image
Comment edited by fish20 on 12/25/2007
Posted by Sir_robin 9th May, 2008
Rated :

link down.. pff
Posted by AndyUK 3rd October, 2008

You're not supposed to rate something based on a broken link...





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