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The Staff
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 5th October, 2009 Favourites:2
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 249

Edited By Kisguri on 10/5/2009

The Staff

Legend has it that every great Wizard had at his side a great Staff, full of power and energy enabling the Wizard the power to do great spells. This is the story about how the staff chooses it's master, and the test that comes with it.

A wanderer in between towns falls asleep under the night sky and in his dream finds himself caught up in a life or death test to see if he is worth to wield "The Staff". Is it a dream or something real....

Raycaster Extension and Klikdisc October 2009

This is a tech demo of the New Raycaster extension in the form of a Dungeon Crawling RPG style game, just a example put together to show you some of the things you can do with the new Extension for Multimedia Fusion 2, You can get a copy of the extension for yourself on the new October 2009 Issue of Klikdisc. A open source example file of the Game is on the disc as well.

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 (66.42 mkb )

Posted by Smirnoff 6th October, 2009

Is it possible to have textures on the ceiling?
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 6th October, 2009
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The Staff... it's stolen from Heretic
Posted by Kisguri 6th October, 2009

Yes you can have textures on the ceiling, and good eye Falcon, That was my Tribute to Heretic, what a great game!
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 6th October, 2009
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Agreed! I still have the boxed version in my shelf.
Posted by Kisguri 6th October, 2009

Have you played The Staff yet, Falcon?
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 6th October, 2009
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Now I have. Visually the game looks really good and has an authentic 2.5D feeling. Musics and sounds were also top notch. Though the control system would have worked better with mouse and/or keyboard (WASD or arrow keys only) and some map would have been really useful as I found myself entering the same room again and again... The fightning system was a tad too slow and I would have preferred more real time fighting.
Altogether a really promising start and extension.
Posted by Kisguri 6th October, 2009

AH crap sorry, I am in such a rush to get everything together I forgot some key Info

-Middle mouse button access the map
-You can use the Mouse only or the AWSD controls and the mouse!!!

Hopefully those two things will increase your enjoyment
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 6th October, 2009
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Definitely. Thanks for the info!
Posted by W3R3W00F 6th October, 2009
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First off, I love the effects and textures, But personally, I thought the battles were pretty slow and I tried to avoid them. And even with the map, I was still pretty confused! Overall, it's a good, classic, old school approach to the 2.5d aspect.

My only question is, does the Ray caster object require some advanced coding knowledge, or is it simple enough for new comers to use?
Posted by Kisguri 6th October, 2009

It is fairly simple to use, if you get a copy of the Klikdisc, their is going to be two examples of it on their, this one and one other example file, Your right the Battles aren't complex by any stretch, simply a demo of what can be done with the tool!
Posted by Smirnoff 7th October, 2009

This convinced me to buy the klikdisc, so five stars. Keep making content like this and I'll likely buy it every time.
Posted by Kisguri 7th October, 2009

Thanks Smirnoff for the support! I hope you enjoy it!
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th October, 2009
Rated :

Okay, cool! Thanks, Kisguri!
Posted by Disthron 8th October, 2009
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Hello, this looks pretty cool. I liked how the first aria was designed and that the walls and floor had such good colour depth and size.

I've ordered my copy of Klick Disc but I had a few questions. Some on asked if you could have celling textures, witch would be good also, but I was wondering if you could have a paralexing sky like in Doom. That would open up a lot of possibilities.

Also, could you make a system where battle would be like wolf3D where you could just shoot or stab them but if you ran into civilians/friendly NPCs you could go into a chat or shop type thingy.

Anyway, thanks a lot for uploading this.
Posted by Kisguri 8th October, 2009

I believe we can do a yes on all counts! I will cook up several new examples for the Raycaster as we move along, and yes you can have enemies moving and chasing, just like in wolf3d!
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th October, 2009

I would so love to play around with this! Imma have to get the klikdisk I guess. I'd be mighty mad if this got released for free later though!

A question though. How is the level data stored. Is it stored in some specific format or do I have to create my own loader for it.

Really what I want to know is if a custom level editor is possible.

Posted by Kisguri 8th October, 2009

The data is stored in external files in it's own file format, it contains two types of data per map, A. The map file, and then the textures associated with it. The Map editor that comes with the extension, launchable from the Properties window in MMF was made with MMF, so yes you should be able to make your own editor!

Great Questions!
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th October, 2009

Oh, I see.

Does it include the source?
Posted by Kisguri 8th October, 2009

The source to the Map editor, No, But some exciting things will be coming for disc owners in the near future, that may be one of them.
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th October, 2009

Alright, I'll have to buy this then.

If anything just to support clickteam.

UPDATE: Ordered it!
Comment edited by UrbanMonk on 10/9/2009
Posted by Disthron 9th October, 2009
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Hay Kisguri

Sorry to be a bother but I'm just so exited about this extension. I got the downloaded version tonight but when I went to try it dose not show up in MMF. Do I need the Hardware Accelerated Beta to run it?
Posted by Kisguri 10th October, 2009

you need r249 to use it sir!
Posted by Disthron 10th October, 2009
Rated :

Hay, thanks. I hadn't even herd of this beta build until now. The extension looks really good. It seems making a sky is really easy. I also tried making "glass doors". You know, doors that have transparent parts in the texture. Had some interesting results.

Anyway, it's still fearly confusing for me right now but I've only had a quick look at it. Thanks for the help.
Posted by Tropik 10th October, 2009
Rated :

Awsome 2.5D game ...
...but a little boring
Posted by Kisguri 10th October, 2009






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