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Solar Rescue Denetsu
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 26th February, 2007 Favourites:0
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Edited By Kisguri on 2/26/2007

Edited By Kisguri on 2/26/2007

Edited By Kisguri on 2/26/2007

Watch those descent vectors...

Emergency, emergency, natural disasters are occurring all over the Solar System! As a member of the Solar Response Team, travel to the moon, Mars, and Europa as you lift stranded astronauts out to safety, watch out for strong winds, falling rocks and gas vents as you negotiate the hazardous terrain. Watch your fuel as you fight the gravity... But hey it shouldn't be a problem for an ace pilot like yourself!

This is a remake of a remake of Lunar Rescue a game by Taito... Originally the Title was being developed by A group called TSAP media headed by Dan "PulseCode" Owen, We picked it up from them once he had moved on to other things, Added some extra Gameplay features, two hidden modes, some new worlds and released it as Solar Rescue Denetsu Instead of Lunar Rescue Denetsu, We did not mess with the control Scheme that was orginally programmed by TSAP as they really wanted to leave it as is, This makes the game difficult at first but once you get the hang of it you will have no issues... Can you find the two hidden modes that are hiding amongst the Levels?

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Posted by Hempuli 28th February, 2007

Cool! But should it be 'densetsu'?
Posted by Kisguri 28th February, 2007

Posted by robin90 28th February, 2007

Nice remake of the game. I do find that the controls are very difficult, especially when you need to go back to the carrier.The aligning part is damn difficult. I read through all the controls or am I missing a control or two?
Posted by Lukas Hägg 5th March, 2007

I agree, it says "rescue the astronauts" but not mentioned anywhere "how". I figure I should pick them up by landing on them. But they either burn up (which is a very cool idea btw) or my ship explodes because it nudged something. It's not mentioned how I land the ship either.
Posted by danjo 5th March, 2007

SURELY youve played or know about lunar lander. you land on the pads "softly"
this game was made a real long time ago.
Posted by Kisguri 6th March, 2007

If you Press "I" I believe you get the instructions on how to play, and how else would a astronaut react to thruster burn
Posted by thewreck 6th March, 2007

its a great production, i mean it looks great and so forth, but i didnt like the game. Too much trial and error to find out how to play, and mainly frustating =(...

some things that i found annoying:

how were you supposed to know you could only land on those specific blocks?

how were you supposed to know you had to return the rescued dude to the carrier, was there not room for more astronauts?

why did the astronaut at the other edge of the screen run to my craft when i landed next to another astronaut. The actual placing of the astronauts did not have anything to do with anyway then? feels more like 'you have to land and return to carrier 3 times' Nothing to do with the astronauts.

on some levels, it was hard to distinguish the background from the level, resulting in some trial and error dying.

Generally, it felt like you were being punished all the time for strange reasons..

and why the hell is that carrier moving from left to right. If its piloted by your alleged wingman, who is your friend, why is he making it so damn hard to complete the mission. I could have understood if it kinda bobbed back and forth, simulating some form of atmospheric disturbance, but it looked alot more like he was just trying to kill you.

well, thats that! good luck with the game!
Posted by Chrisbo 12th March, 2007

Awesome graphics and presentation, but I just didn't like it that much :\
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 14th March, 2007

Great game but a manual would be useful.





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