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Chemical Annihilation Thrash Hero
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 17th April, 2010 Favourites:0
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Edited By Kisguri on 4/18/2010

Chemical Annihilation Thrash Hero is a full open source Guitar Hero styled game on the April 2010 issue of Klikdisc. The game was built around the Clickteam forum MFA submission by expert MMF user Mechabowser and features Thrash metal music from the band Chemical Annihilation, Can you guess what special link this band has to the world of Click? The game is not perfect but is a complete example of how to make a game like this, Plus the music Kicks Butt!

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Posted by Kyle Strait 18th April, 2010
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eh well WinRAR made me install it so next time could you please put it in a .ZIP folder or a .rar folder?

Well... haha ill just write a review on it its pretty good but could use some more songs... now then i have a question... can you import songs and guitar skins?
Posted by Kisguri 18th April, 2010

If you get Klikdisc, you can hack the MFA to you hearts desire, with just the game you could add your own skins but not songs.
Comment edited by Kisguri on 4/18/2010
Posted by Kyle Strait 18th April, 2010
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Hmmm not even if i were to use the same coding as another one of the songs and imported my own OGG vorbis? Hm oh well i wrote a review on this
Posted by Kyle Strait 18th April, 2010
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Hey where'd my review go!?!?
Posted by GamesterXIII 20th April, 2010
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Terribly off sync. Chart is completely random and doesn't match the song at all.
Posted by Kisguri 20th April, 2010

The Cool thing GamesterXIII is that the open source file comes with a editor to lay down the buttons in time with the game, unfortunately I am without rhythm when it comes to the thrash genre of music. I am hoping another Klikdisc user can do a better job and I can swap out the file so it play better. Oh and thanks for the awesome rate!





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