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Kinesis: Return to the World Ring
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 8th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 122

Edited By Kisguri on 08/03/2006

In a Distant Universe not so dissimilar to our own, Brave Men and Women must Chart the Great World Ring, and collect the precious material known as "Stardust". This element is embedded in the Crystals that collect on the World Ring as Solar winds and Dust collect on it over time.

It is now your time to traverse the World Ring. You must with great skill guide the Plasma Ball with your collector Ship. Forcing it's direction into the path of the Crystals and collect the bounty they hide. Collect enough to keep you vessel functioning as each hit of the plasma round depletes the Force field holding you ship together!

Crystal anomalies when collected will provide your Collector with special powers. These Gifts from the stars may just be the edge you need to survive 100's of Levels.. Change the game style with up to seven modifiers that change how the game works, this in combined with the 8 different play modes available in the registered version means Collectors can traverse the world ring in hundreds of different ways..

Fail and a entire world will suffer for generations, Succeed and you will be one of few that are known as "Hero of The Stars"!

This is the complete final version of Kinesis, with all the bug Fixes and tons of extra features; the game comes in two flavors.

The Freeware mode includes the ability to play the game's regular mode to no end and download new level packs as well as unlock one extra play mode "Onslaught" and unlock all the power ups!

The Registered "Bonus" mode allows players to access all the extra play modes available (Graviton, Dual, VS, Random, Timed, Survival, and Cheat Mode). It also includes a level Editor to make you own Level packs with the functionality of importing your own Mod Music and Backgrounds. in addition it includes the ability to continue the game when you lose. All of this is available for only $5.00 dollars, and we accept payment with Credit Cards via secure online server or Paypal. You will receive a Serial Number within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

We hope you enjoy the game and welcome any suggestions!

Directed by: Chris "Kisguri" Carson
Programmed by: Chris "Kisguri" Carson, Willy C
Music and GFX: Chris "Kisguri" Carson, Sam Dillard
Copyright 2006 and beyond to Gamesare Studios, all right reserved!

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 (17 mkb )

Posted by Fadex 8th March, 2006

Wow! It looks very good... *downloading*
Posted by Kisguri 8th March, 2006

Also note their is alot of hidden "Combos" and Effects one can implement by using all the Crystal powerups in different ways!!! If you find a secret post it here!

Also in being Stupid that we occasionally due here at Gamesare Studios I forgot to include a Help for the game play! so here it is...

-All menus are handled with the mouse control
-Moving the paddle left and right is handled by the left and right arrow keys
-Space bar launches your Plasma Round
-Once you have collected the Gunns Crystal or the static net use space bar to implement them!

The rest we leave to U to discover!
Posted by Fadex 8th March, 2006

Yeah! It's cool game! I like games like that...
But why registering??
Posted by Kisguri 8th March, 2006

You get the ability to play the full game in regular mode, download new levels, use all the powerups, (once U unlock them) U can even unlock the Onslaught mode.

To access the rest of the features (being the cheese merchants we are) we are asking for 5 dollars to register the game, get the extra 7 modes, The level Editor, and the ability to continue!
Posted by steve 8th March, 2006

The paddle control feels very bad to me (and i've played hundreds of breakout clones)
It flys from left to right at a tiny touch of the cursor keys (would have been nicer if it was mouse controlled) just my opinion on that.
Everything else seems extremely well done, beautiful presentation etc.
I really think the movement of the paddle needs to be revised though (after-all it is the core of the entire game; even if everything else is so proffesionally crafted)
It wouldnt take 10 minutes to even include an option of keyboard or mouse.
Posted by Kisguri 8th March, 2006

Well that is a Good suggestion... I would like to hear other peoples opinon on that as well as it has been a sticking point, Kinesis involves kinetic energy, When the ball hits the paddle some of its motion is transfered to the paddle making the paddle move a bit, the faster the ball goes the more the paddle is jolted, Also note that in the options screens their are thre styles of paddle movement, Zero Grav, Normal, and all stop, try those for a change on paddle control... Also another thing I need to mention that I will add to the help is the Force Bar, Every time the ball hits the paddle it causes a drain on force, if you run out you dead, however collecting stardust increases force, keeping you ship together!
Posted by steve 8th March, 2006

I played again (after my last comment) to make sure I wasnt too harsh about the movement and I came to the conclusion that this game is almost unplayable in it's current state.
It seems you have used the default 8-direction movement and restricted to left/right.
This really is not good enough for a proffesional game; as with all default movements they suck very badly and can render a potentially superb game as useless.
Please change the paddle to "static" movement. Then go into the events and code in a proper system for paddle movement. Something like this:

ALWAYS: set paddle x to current position of paddle + "alt x" of paddle (alt "x" can be any alt value)

User holds Right Cursor
+ "alterable value X" <15 (or whatever limit you want)
THEN: add 1 to Alt X

User holds Left Cursor
+ alt x > -15
THEN: subtract 1 to Alt X

The above example will fix the problem of momentum from left to right that this game currently has and will allow the player to judge more accuratly when moving around.
Posted by Kisguri 8th March, 2006

Interesting, Momentum is intended for the game, did you try the other modes i mentioned?
Posted by Aptennap 8th March, 2006

Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 8th March, 2006

What is this, bat and ball week or something?

This is pretty cool stuff right here! =

...'Freeware Version'? Don't think I'd pay for a breakout game...
Posted by patrik 8th March, 2006

,00Its good Graphics man.. But thats it... Try Custom movement, Decrese number if Active objects (exemple Use Overlays) Otherwise It will get so laggy When u get Guns and the screen is full with stardust.. I died becouse of it.. It may work on good computersd but With bad comps itll be LAGGY! Sry man But is something to think about.. Otherwise.. Great game and If u think about these things Youll go far.
Posted by patrik 8th March, 2006

Btw I have a quite Good Computer
Posted by Werbad 8th March, 2006

Fix a better particle system to reduce Lag... and perhaps an improved movement. Else it was an Excellent game!
Posted by Reno 8th March, 2006

Could people quite making installers unless it is the best game eva!

I hate installers. Other than that, I LOVE the SFX!

Pretty good mate
Posted by Brad  8th March, 2006

Sweet graphics, I'll try it this weekend. Is Gamesare gonna be at Momocon?
Posted by Jub 9th March, 2006

This sucks. Why charge for a game? I want the level editor.
Posted by Keatontech! 9th March, 2006

I don't like the money idea either, so i don't think i'll buy it, but the freeware version is great! I'll play it some more this weekend.
Posted by Kisguri 9th March, 2006

Yes we will be at Momocon, see you their!
Posted by GrieferSutherland 9th March, 2006

game has good production values, but i didnt find it very fun
Posted by steve 9th March, 2006

the game isnt fun yet because of the movement problems as I said earlier.
As for the people complaining about it not being freeware; there are lots of far worse games out there charging 20+$.
I see no reason why Kisurgi cant sell this game (if he fixes the movement)

Posted by Jub 9th March, 2006

I still wouldn't buy it. 5 bucks isn't worth 11mbs....
Posted by steve 9th March, 2006

"5 bucks isn't worth 11mbs.... "

^^ thats maybe the most retarded thing i've heard all year.

The file size does not = good or bad game.

Posted by Kisguri 9th March, 2006

GrieferSutherland - What exactly makes the game "unfun" for you? What would you change to make it fun...

steve - If you can work up a example and it does play better then what we are using then I will hook you up with a serial number for the full game..

What kinda boggles my mind is when we released it last year as a much more simpler freeware version, ie a basic bat and ball game with half the powerups and no options, everyone raved about it, I hope with everyones help here we can expose the difference, the only change in the engine per say for the movement is a custom collision engine, three different movement modes, anyone who can help improve the game I will give them a free copy of the registered version

Posted by steve 9th March, 2006

yea, the movement and collision detection are the most vital things (I did also notice you are using default bouncing ball movement? with "bounce" on surfaces!?)

I will see if I can make a custom example for you.
Do you have MSN?
Posted by Mruqe 9th March, 2006

Yes. The game is fun. And it looks very good. But there is no way I would actually pay to register it. Not with all the other breakout games out there. Even if this one actually was the best. Sorry to disapoint you. I just hope there will be enough of people thinking otherwise for you to make profit. Once again - game nicely done!
Posted by Hempuli 9th March, 2006

Jub shut up!
Posted by Mruqe 9th March, 2006

Having said what I said above I have to add, that "5 bucks isn't worth 11mbs..." IS a stupid thing to say. I would totally pay $5 for eg. "Icy Tower" or "Noctis". As long as the game has this special something - mainly replayability, but also this hard to define 'galmour' - to it, than it is worth paying for. Beeing original really matters as a factor of "payability". And I still don't think that breakout is originall enough of a concept to pay for it. But there are many games - even UNDER 1MB -that are totally worth $5 or more!
Posted by Kisguri 9th March, 2006

So are you saying that with the ability to make endless levels and share them, 8 playmodes, Continue feature, Modifiers that when combined that the game does'nt have enough value in it? We are not trying to re-invent Breakout or Arkanoid, but we are trying to pay tribute to it with something that takes it to the next level...

Of course the 5 bucks just allows me to pay for my websites bandwidth cost and start paying other clickers who are developing with us for their work as we attempt to prove the MMF can be a serious development platform,

Enough Ranting though, Mruqe what would you change to make it better?
Posted by Iv4n 9th March, 2006

It's great to know you've made a sequel to the first masterpiece, although it became a commercioal product. I like the first kinesis much and now I'm downloading the next version. The first one was with hard, but addictive gameplay, never seen before (for myself). Maybe that's why I like it - because of it's simplycity that you mention somewhere (you know, the simple, the genius). Well then, when I play it, I'll see and may post here again.
Posted by Linkman 9th March, 2006

Cool game. By the way kisguri, aren't you the guy who was making the graphics for Terminal Orbit? What happened to that game?
Posted by Kisguri 9th March, 2006

Terminal Orbit is going through some Growing Pains, It is not Forgotten, We hope to have it out by summer, Doing some recoding to handle a certain critical bug, Everyone needs to keep letting tigs now that you guys want it to keep him PUMPED!
Posted by Jub 10th March, 2006

I wouldn't pay for a game made by anyone. (I don't trust online shopping) However, I may donate....if I knew the guy. Hem, you hush. The game is good. Hell, I would give you five bucks. My parents won't let me waste five bucks=/ I'd buy KNPMaster's games because I've sorta know him.
Posted by Mruqe 10th March, 2006

"Enough Ranting though, Mruqe what would you change to make it better?"

I wouldn't make a breakout clone if i intended to make some money out of my work. I think you could ask people to pay for your click game if it was a new origianl idea (like Spirit Engine) or if it introduced a well written story. You would be selling your ideas rather then your click-game.

I absolutly understand why are you trying to charge money for your game. I know good webspace is seldom free. Maybe releasing the full game for free and asking people for donation would be a better agenda? I know by experience, that people will often donate money to the authors of FREE software they like while not so many people are likely to pay for shareware titles.

As for your question -I wouldn't change the game. It's quite good as it is. And I imagine that the full version is one of the best breakout clones. But I haven't seen the full version, so I can't really talk about it.
Posted by Willy C 10th March, 2006

Does the beta testers and second programmer get to play the full version?
Posted by Kisguri 10th March, 2006

Any beta testers of any of our stuff gets the full version, the problem is finding good reliable people to test, as far as programmers, Willy C is getting paid on this job, not a whole lot but he gets paid in cash for his work...
Posted by Willy C 10th March, 2006

Posted by Iv4n 10th March, 2006

This second game is even more harder and that is for worse. Now that you have to carry about getting all the possible dust or you'll meet the "game over" screen, I find this rather dissgust. I hardly beat level 1 and I find it too difficult to keep your balls on and collecting all the dust at the same time. Thumbsdown.
Posted by Kisguri 10th March, 2006

Iv4n Go to the options Screen and select the Backup Reactor Option, this will give you a consistant Charge of energy to keep your Force up, THe only downside is you get slightly lest Stardust per collection, but makes the game a bit easier!
Posted by Iv4n 11th March, 2006

Well now it's much better.
Posted by Djfuego 11th March, 2006

Oh, errr I wouldn't pay for this yet. The ball collision is no good.The bat is keyboard controlled. should have released a 2 level beta before asking for money, Now, you will either need to fix the SERIOUS gameplay flaws, or start work on another game and release that.. I know 5 bucks is pennies but people want value for their money. Don't get me wrong though. It's a good game, just needs a little polish.
Posted by Radix 11th March, 2006

"The bat is keyboard controlled."

OH NO!!!
Posted by Sam Dillard 11th March, 2006

... most breakout games are keyboard controlled... there are many options in the game which alter and adjust the movement system as well as bonus "switches" that change the mechanics of controlling the bat

also, please be specific when posting a complaint, "ball collision is no good" does not help very much... thanks
Posted by Kisguri 15th March, 2006

Mouse Control has Been Added...
Posted by Jub 11th May, 2006

Make it free.
Posted by Kisguri 19th May, 2006

Jub, Get a Job.....





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