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Quan Yin Mahjongg
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 14th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 168

Another Project we have done for Xing Interactive

Quan Yin Mahjongg is Tile matching like none before, Just like with real Mahjongg you can design you own layouts, and play them under 5 levels of difficulty, beat the clock before time runs out by matching like tiles to each other! But if a tile is overlapped or has two on each side you better find another match before the clock runs out. And if you get tired of looking at the current tiles, go ahead and make your own set with the Tile Creator! This Demo has a 14 day time limit, otherwise it is fully functional.

Please folks try it out and let us know what you think, And if you make some good Tiles or Boards zip em up and send it to me! If you find a bug let us know!

Kisguri at

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Posted by Foyb 14th July, 2006

looks good thumbs up
Posted by vortex2 15th July, 2006

I may just be crazy, but shouldn't it be "There are 10 tiles left" instead of "Their is 10 tiles left"?
Posted by Bo Fu 16th July, 2006

Wow, this looks great! I think I'll make a tile set based on the Three Kingdoms or something.
Posted by steve 16th July, 2006

Thumbs up
Posted by Chrisbo 17th July, 2006

Yes vortex, you are right.
Posted by Kisguri 17th July, 2006

I gess wee macke coo Games for the Literare Challenged!
Posted by Mike Domingues 19th July, 2006

Is this game being developed with any click tool ?
Posted by Kisguri 19th July, 2006

Yes we did this in Multimedia Fusion 1.5, why?





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