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Terminal Orbit
Author: Kisguri Submitted: 17th April, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 293

Terminal Orbit

Story - Mankind has used up earth in it's ignorant bid for technological dominance, and has made the earth of crowded and incapable of supporting the population. The solution was supposed to be Solar sail technology and A AI developed known as Jericho whom with the Solar Sail ships guide humanity to now worlds. The first group a collection of Mankind's best minds and talents was put in to Cryo state knowing they would awaken to a new world. Instead the awoke a 100 years later to a devastated earth and a sun expanding out of control. The ships where intact but where in the possession of a machine army seemingly lead by Jericho, they have one year to secure the ships and escape destruction...

Game - Terminal Orbit is based on the 2009 20 event entry Beetle Invasion by O. Fredriksson and fully fleshed out with a simple resource management engine, Base building and tons of units blowing each other up. This open source game is on the April 2010 Issue of Klikdisc and where as not perfect by any means demonstrates that a RTS styled game is a possibility in the MMF2 Tool!

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Posted by OMC 17th April, 2010

I remember playing a Terminal Orbit a few years ago...

That intro cinematic was insane! I'll have to come back and play some more when I'm done approving all these downloads.
Posted by Hayo 17th April, 2010

I remember looking at 2003 or so?
Posted by Kisguri 17th April, 2010

Yes it has been a LONG while....

But know you get to play it! We will probably have a contest at to see who can make the Best RTS out of the opensource, IE fix all the little bugs, etc
Posted by UrbanMonk 18th April, 2010
Rated :

This game is decently awesome.

I played it years back when tigs posted it.

Posted by Rikus 19th April, 2010

From what i last knew about this game is that it was supposed to be done in contruct with gamesare doing the graphics sound and music.

(check below for info including some screenshots)

Is this version older or the same as the demo tiger submitted a while ago here:

Just wondering.
Comment edited by Rikus on 4/19/2010
Posted by Kisguri 19th April, 2010

No this a fresh build of the game for Klikdisc, Tiger never got it workin in MMF and has not been able to focus on the project since Construct, Gamesare did all the elements for Terminal Orbit over 7 years ago And tigs was to do the engine., and he agreed that I needed to put the elements to good use. Hence the open source Game in MMF. Not necessarily the scope of grandeur we had in mind, but if it helps someone build a great RTS in MMF then I think that will be worth it.
Posted by Rikus 20th April, 2010

Fair enough i shall download
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 20th April, 2010

I remember reading about this game, possibly on Klik-me, although I could have sworn that it was Tigerworks who was making it. Looks like it's shaping up beautifully!
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th April, 2010
Rated :

I beat the demo, now I've got to get the klik-disc

IS the mfa commented?
Posted by Kisguri 20th April, 2010

not super commented, but enough to get how it works!
Posted by Simon Colmer 8th February, 2011

I remember being on the BETA team for this, cant wait to play it again!
Posted by Simon Colmer 8th February, 2011

After a quick play it has become obvious this is an earlier build - however I was happy to finally watch the intro video (even with the spelling mistakes )

4/5 as the version I played ages ago had a much nicer menu system in and out of game.





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